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Sleeping broth

Sleeping broth is  a recently invented anaesthetic which is by doctors to put their patience to sleep before an operation. Its discovery has made it much easier for doctors to perform complex operation on the torso area and has greatly lowered the fatality rate of such operations. It is made from the boiled pee of a great elk who has recently eaten elkbrain cordycep. A fungus that effects the neural system of great elks and was traditionally used by assassins to discreetly take out their targets.  


For generations the people of Svellbjargheim have known that the hallucination properties of fly amanita can be made save to consume when filtered through the digestive track of a great elk. They also knew that eating elkbrain cordycep, a fungus that has always ravaged their flocks of great elks, was such a powerful narcotic that it could put an adult Woolly Rhino into a coma. But it was only because of an assassin hired by the north that it was discovered that the same tactic that made fly amanita save to consume also worked on elkbrain cordyceps. He tried to sabotage a raiding party by feeding their berserk broth producing great elks by feeding them elkbrain cordycep, but was caught by the raiders and forced to drink the pee himself. Expecting him to be knocked into a coma, they just let him lay in a corner of their house while discussing what to do with him. A few hours later while the raiders were still furiously discussing what to do and drinking their ale the still barely conscious assassin surprised everyone by stumbling into the room, somehow awake. A few seconds and four axes later he was no longer awake, but the oldest of the raiders did begin to connect the dots and continued to experiment until he discovered the sleeping broth.


To create a sleeping broth one first has to carefully harvest an elkbrain cordycep from an infected great elk. Great precaution has to be taken to burn away all the spores as only a few grams can infect an healthy adult great elk and spread the fungus through the herd. The elkbrain cordycep is then fed to a healthy great elk who will filter the most dangerous parts through its digestive system. The pee of this great elk is then caught and boiled to form what is known as the sleeping broth.

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