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Corruption Resistance Therapy

Reverting to Normality

Your days of misery and madness will be behind. These sessions might be a bit pricey, but it’ll give you a chance at a normal life again and I’m sure we can both agree that something like that is priceless.
— Therapist
  Corruption resistance therapy is a new method used to combat Aberati corruption. First used in the Peasants' Republic of Aussel, the aim of the procedure is to alleviate the severe mental trauma caused by the corruption. Therapists who've helped victims claim that full recovery might be possible, but it takes years of sessions to get reliable results. The procedure has been performed mostly just by private therapists, but in recent years the Hillenist clergy has been experimenting with the therapy as well.  


Getting an appointment with a therapist who specialises in this new treatment can be rather difficult. It’s hard enough to find a normal therapist as they are present only in the larger cities of the world, but few of them know all the knowledge required to treat the corruption. Only a handful of individuals know all what’s there to know and the cost of their services is unaffordable for most.  


Critics of the therapy procedure have claimed that the method is terribly inefficient and barely does anything to help anyone. Many of them believe that the whole thing is a scam designed to extort the desperate for all of their money.   By promising results after years of therapy sessions, the people organising such procedures can make sure that they’ll have a constant source of income.   There are some who’ve claimed that their corruption symptoms have eased over years of therapy, but it is impossible to know whether they were genuine, or if the therapists had paid them off to provide a positive review.
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Aberati Corruption
Condition | Feb 27, 2023

Aberati corruption is a serious and often deadly mental condition that causes severe paranoia, depression, sudden mood swings, and bouts of insanity.


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