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Inverted Lungflush And Purge Procedure

This procedure was originally created as a means of treating the ailing salt miners of Drysdale. Its great success there has led to its spread and use in other mining communities as well.   The constant inhalation of salt particles into the lungs of the miners quite often leads to the debilitating Lunghack Disease. The miners suffered greatly until this procedure and device was created by Clararton Bartolara almost 200 years ago in 547 A.S.


Basically the afflicted individual is strapped to a pivoting table that will invert and turn them upside down, then the Inverted Lungflush Device is carefully inserted through the mouth and into one of the lungs. An aloe infused, healing water solution is pumped into the lung, dissolving any mineral deposits, flushing them out through the devices hose, while also delivering healing liquid targeting the damaged areas of the lung. The other lung is done next and the patient is cured, incurring only a few minutes of uncomfort, with a feeling similar to that of drowning. A final vitamin and nutrient rich drink is taken to refresh the patients and get them on their way.


These devices can easily be made by any competent blacksmith, artificer, or tinkerer. 

Discovery And Inventors

  This procedure and the Inverted Lungflush Device were created and designed by Clararton Bartolara during her time with “The Matrons Of Life”, while trying to cure the inhabitants of the mining town of Drysdale from the Lunghack Disease.
Clararton Bartolara invented this procedure and designed the Inverted Lungflush Device.
Access & Availability
Most affluent mining towns have several of these devices and the procedure is common knowledge to the local healers there. More remote and economically challenged mining towns usually have at least a few of these devices available and have agreements with other towns to borrow additional ones in times of need.
This procedure uses the Inverted Lungflush Device, several gallons of aloe infused water, a pivoting inverted table, and a final vitamin and nutrient rich healing drink.
“The Matrons Of Life”  The matrons are an organization of priestesses who worship Alacrita, Goddess Of Life And Healing. They are entirely dedicated to healing all creatures and spreading life throughout the world. They are opposed to doing harm and would rather die or sacrifice themselves than to injure anyone.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
6 Aug, 2021 21:53

Very interesting device! I love that it focus on healing miners' lungs after all those WA world were they get targeted by nasty diseases XD Do accidents ever occur while using this device? It sounds like it would be a dangerous thing to go through... Are the patient kept conscious?

To see what I am up to:WE pledge and article list.
9 Aug, 2021 03:57

Thank you very much. The patients are kept conscious and it is a bit dangerous, but no one has died directly because of it. At least officially.