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Minneoris is a concoction created by The Dwarven Alchemist Association to help dwarfs battle Miner's Lung. This condition affects the oxygen transfer from the lungs into the bloodstream in highly carbonised environments. Drinking the elixir before going down there reduces the chance of nerve damage due to a lack of oxygen.


For the best results, one drinks the elixir just before entering a mine or a Deepcave. The medicine works for up to 10 hours. After that, the effect fades away in 2 hours. Ideally, if someone has to stay within the mine or deepcave for longer than 10 hours, it is best to take the second elixir an hour before the first one runs out. The body requires 8 hours of rest for each vial drunk to repair itself and eliminate the remaining chemicals.   However, if necessary, one can drink three vials without the body taking a rest. After the third vial, the person has to come out of the darkness and allow the body at least 2 full days to recover. If this is not done, the consequences are... unpleasant.


This needs some more fleshing out but here's the idea:  
  • Mass produced by the dwarven alchemist association
  • High demand all over the world => there are counterfeits
  • - Counterfeits have extra side effects, to be explored
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    Access & Availability
    The companies within the Dwarven Empire are bound by law to provide their employees going into the mines or deepcaves with Minneoris on a daily basis. Everyone outside the Dwarven Empire, or dwarfs who go by themselves and not through a company, can purchase the elixir from vendors. Depending on the locations, the price for a single bottle of Minneoris can vary between 100 and 10.000 gold.   So far, it isn't possible to create the concoction as the formula is a trademark secret. However, someone highly skilled in alchemy could figure out the recipe and thus being able to reproduce it.
    Miner's Lung has been plaguing the dwarven society for quite some time since they heavily rely on the export of gems and weaponry. The alchemists have studied the work environment of the dwarfs. They concluded that the tiny dust particles coming free with each blow of the pickaxe predominantly cause breathing issues. After this conclusion, they created an elixir that would help reduce the intake of carbon. What the exact ingredients are, is a trademark secret.

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    Nice start already, love the concept of some medicine aiding the miners and also that there is a limit to the amount of times it can be used. I see that you are still working on it already but I noticed a few recurring spelling error for 'oxygen' and 'elixir' :) Other than that good job already!

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