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Mana Nexus Removal

While not much is know as to the specifics of mana nexus removal, the procedure removes all thaumological faculties of the patients body, rendering them completely incapable of performing magic of any kind.


Of the two uses for the procedure to undertaken, the most common in recent times has been as a punishment for imprisoned mages who would be too dangerous to be incarcerated. While initially the complete, permanent removal of all amgaical capacities was reserved for only the most heinous criminals, the legal and judicial barriers to this procedure have been reducing in recent years.   The other is as a drastic, but permanent solution to individuals who suffer from an acute sensitivity to ogarine, or other mana sources that make them likely to face either frequent or especially severe cases of thaumic poisoning. The complete removal of all thaumic faculties means that they will never be able to practice any of the arcane art, but they no longer need to be concerned about ogarine exposure.   Recently, rumors concerning the procedure have begun circulating around the lower circles of Primus. Claims that a procedure similar in effect to mana nexus removal has been performed on patients of the Pale Hospitium without their knowledge. Others state that cases of mild thaumic poisoning have been used as an excuse to perform the procedure on more patients. Even more concerning is the recent string of disappearances of homeless and poor residents of Primus's poorest districts, only to later be discovered randomly around the city, all lacking any magical signature.
While not officially confirmed, it is believed that mana nexus removal procedure is a product of a team of state and inquisition researchers operating in the Pale Hospitium.
Access & Availability
As of the current day, the only know facility with the knowledge of the procedure and the faculties to perform it is the Pale Hospitium in the Trainish capital of Primus. The specific techniques and materials necessary for the operation are a closely guarded state secret.   The Pale Hospitium will perform the surgery for patients who require it due to medical concern, for a moderate fee, or as mandated by governmental or inquisition order.

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