The Caramitre are diminutive Ok'un that take the form of a small disk that is capable of a healing other Ok'un. They were built during the great war to fight off the Rhuuth plague .


The caramitre must bond and entangle itself with the Ok'un. The patient must do nothing but be willing to sacrifice some of their autonomy to the attached Caramitre.   The bonding process can take hours, but a quick bond can be done to stabilize the life signs of a patient, but it will be unstable and prone to errors if a complete bond it not allowed to take hold.
Taeral Ilthuryn was a n Ok'un war master who worked initially with volunteers with an understanding that the chikldren would belong to her. As the experimentation continued, she forced increasingly dangerous and terrible modifications upon each generation until she achieved her goal.
Access & Availability
After the great war, the caramitre rebelled and achieved their freedom from a life a bound servitude. Now, they have to be sought out,  asked for aid, and must deem the recipient worthy of their support, so it is difficult to acquire one.
The technology to make new caramitre has been lost, so they cannot be built anew, so new ones only come into being through the reproduction of the existing units. They cannot be breed in captivity.
The caramitre were a modification of the standard Ok'un crafted by the grand artificer Taeral Ilthuryn who was seeking a way to combat Rhuuth and other conditions endemic to her people. She discovered way to incorporate phoenix steel into neonate Ok'kun in a way that they neither rejected, but also passed on to their descendants.


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