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Wood Bone Implants

A relatively recent groundbreaking procedure where rattan wood is used as artificial bone implants for procedures to either replace broken or lost bones or to fix bone related defects.


The new wood bone is being closely studied at the nearby University hospital. The X-rays of the sheep's and rabbit legs show the progress they are making as the particles from the animal's own bones are migrating to the bone made from wood. Within a few months, the real and the artificial bone will be like one continuous bone.


The process starts by cutting the long tubular rattan wood up into manageable pieces. It is then snipped into even smaller chunks, ready for the complex chemical process to begin.   The pieces are put in a furnace and heated.   In simple terms, carbon and calcium are added via aqueous solutions.   The wood is then further heated under intense pressure in another oven-like machine and a phosphate solution is introduced. After about 10 days, the rattan wood has been transformed into the bone-like material.
Access & Availability
The process is a cutting edge new technique and thus is not widely available. So far it is only being tested on non-sapient ruminants like sheep and is soon to be underway on testing in rabbits. More interestingly due to promising results, the next clinical trails will have Usagi volunteers who suffer from serious bone trauma or bone defects to determine if the replacements can work in other sapient races.
Rattan wood and mineral complex works is because of its structure and porous properties, which enable blood, nerves and other compounds to travel through it.
A small group of scientists were inspired by finding medical records of a dryad who was treated for wounds and it was discovered that her "skeleton" was essentially modified wood shaped into a similar shape as most humanoids skeletal systems. With that, the next idea came whether wood could be used as a prosthetic bone replacements over other potential candidates. Several types of wood were tested before they found rattan works best as a bio-mimicry based prosthesis.


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