Artificial Limbs

You lost your leg during a mining accident, or crushed your hand while smithing? You don't want to pay those horrendous fees some of the local temples are charging you for regrowing your limb? We have the solution! We provide high quality, affordable artifical limbs, even better than your original ones. Just come see us and we will take care of all your needs! They start as cheap as just 250 gold!
  No matter if you lost your arm or leg, Coddic has you covered. He perfected the art of clockwork and integrated that with a magical interface, which allows direct communication between the hardware and the brain of the wearer. The highest quality Artificial Limbs feel like perfect extensions of the wearer's body.   For special customers, Coddic even adds upgrades to the artificial limbs. These upgrades can range from hydraulic fingers, which can crush rock, over compartments for magic components and foci, until ballistic and magical weapons.
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Access & Availability
Coddic is selling custom made artificial limbs to everyone who has the coin to afford it, starting at 250 gold.
Highly complex clockwork
Just a few years ago, Coddic lost his own left hand during one of his experiments. Since then he has been researching ways to replace his missing limb, first through simple static prosthetics, until he perfected his clockwork like mechanics and built a fully functional artificial limb.

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