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Cefostar Synthaclyparin

Known by its more common street name, Triage, is perhaps the most popular drug on the market. At least when you aren't considering narcotics. Triage is field medicine at its finest, and an Ace's best friend. Well, only a synthetic Ace, but that's a large portion of their number in the first place.   Triage has a flurry of purposes when it is applied. Speaking of application, the injector is designed to pierce even Dermite, allowing for the injection itself to reach the synthetic flesh beneath. The medicine works best when injected as close as possible to the most dire of wounds, and the Triage pen is designed to applicate its contents as fast as possible, meaning the patient will hear a mechanized hiss and feel a pressure at the injection site that has been described as uncomfortable. After that instance, the pen can simply be cast aside, if it was disposable.   Once injected, it acts as a sort of coagulant and a powerful one at that. Bullets, knife wounds, torn dermite, grenade fragmentation wounds, limbs pulled clean from the body, even minor plasma wounds. All stop leaking fluids with the application of Triage. Veins and internal lines that have been ruptured or torn, as well as any internal that has been exposed to open air, quickly develop a sort of stony 'cap' to it. This is a more expansive and faster forming version of the 'scab' M's that will develop upon minor damage. On outside appearance, it can look rather jagged and most likely painful, but this is not the case.   One should be aware of all the effects of the medicine they are taking, and as such, Triage has a rather unfortunate side effect for the most unfortunate. If one would take more than the normal dosage, those stony growths can become loose, and start floating throughout the body, leaving microscopic fragments are random places along the way. Whenever those shards come into contact with oxygen within the internal fluids of the M, they will grow like they are supposed to, just not where they are supposed to. Given enough time, and the whole bloodstream can look like a particularly vicious pit fight.    Eventually, movement will become hard and painful, eventually resulting in restrictions in how one moves or even a completely sedentary life. Once this happens, the issue will progress steadily. Rapidly cannibalizing the rest of the oxygen in the system. If left without treatment, the subject will eventual succumb to internal hemorrhaging.

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