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Bound Series
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Contains MAJOR spoilers for Shadows Series Book 2: His Kiss.
Read with caution.
To: Whom this may concern
Date: August 31, 2019

Oh, thank the goddesses! I finally managed to get this out to someone after a thousand tries. Boy, am I exhausted! Ahem! Excuse me. This message is to you, viewer. You are the one person I can trust with this information as the entire world is at stake. Most people don't realize it, but a nasty case of the shadowkissed has started to appear in the Los Angeles area. With your knowledge and expertise, we can squash this horrid disease before it spreads further! So far, it has yet to spread too outside the range of California. In this case, we need to act quickly, quarantining it from covering the whole state, and perhaps the fourth quadrant.   Your job is to ensure the safety of those around you. Keep an eye out on the various symptoms of black veins, necrosis, coughs, fevers, and chills. If you see anything similar to it, please contact me immediately at (323) 555 - 4235.
    Shadowkissed is a terrible bioweapon virus that has the potential to kill hundreds of thousands of paranormals in a week. It is a bioweapon created by Ignatius Williams through the use of experimentation with hybrid blood and warsworn venom. Once Ignatius was comfortable with working virus, he implemented it into patient zero's body, which was the perfect vessel for the virus to thrive and be transmitted from. It is unknown who patient zero is.  


The second host's bodily fluids can be transmitted by intimate contact, blood infusions, plasma infusions, etc. Once the host learns about their condition, they may be obligated to quarantine themselves away from their loved ones as to not spread the virus. Other hosts, who have been infected by the main host, may not even realize that they have been infected.  


It is unknown what the cure is. The closest one has come is a set of weak antibodies from the main host carrier. Yet, that can only go on for so long before it would end up getting the host carrier killed due to a weak immune system.  


It is unknown exactly when the virus was created, but the belief is that it started sometime in the year of 2018 AD.

Table of Contents

by Elina Krima (Pexels)
Umbra Basium
Quick Facts
Viral / Neurological
Mutated Bioweapon
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species:
Treatment Center:
First Stage:
- Aches, Chills
- Fevers
- Horrible Coughs
Second Stage:
- Black Veins
- Necrosis
Third Stage:
- Death

Summer Camp 2021 Prompt 3: New Medical Cure/Treatment/Breakthrough

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