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Bound Series
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Ignatius Williams

TW: Abuse, Murder, Sexual Assault, Torture
As the former Alpha Heir of the Storm Pack, Ignatius Williams craves the lust for power. Anything that would give him the edge he needed to rule without question is what Ignatius desires. Thus, he lured in rogues from the surrounding area and created the Fang Pack, in which he runs. Upon this, he is also the father of Chris Williams and the son of Rokomo Williams. With an iron fist, he pushes his rogues into uncharted territories while keeping a close eye on the Storm Pack and his former relatives.  
Author: Ignatius Williams
Subject: Experiment Logbook Entry #458
Date: June 7, 2009  
  Some may not realize the intellect I bring to the world, but those people are fools. In my pursuit of knowledge and power, I have come to know the strange capabilities of the lycans and their possible children if they happen to breed. My only option is to locate the missing daughter of the Representative of the Bond of Silver. Once there, I will convince her to bear my pups and then prove to the Wolf Council that the lycans are a necessary asset for militarized warfare against any potential threats.



Ignatius contains mysterious qualities that perplex the best of heroes. However, the known traits he possesses reveal his insanity, which was revealed when he decided to conduct experiments upon the Storm Pack members.   He roughly lets out his toxic masculinity and peer pressures others into doing what he wants. On a daily basis, he finds new ways to torture someone, whether they're a pack member or not. Ignatius can hold grudges, letting them simmer as he cooks up a plan to get revenge in the most horrific way. This usually comes in the form of torture, and it certainly doesn't help when he can easily intimidate someone with his threatening aura. Rape is one of his favorite forms of torture.   While Ignatius presents himself as an intelligent, sophisticated person, he is really self-centered and abusive. Every tactic he uses undermines one's mental capacity. Ignatius also exhibits possessive traits that borderline on insanity. What he wants is to be his. Hence, his thirst for power and the desire to have a hybrid under his control.  


The day that Ignatius was rejected was the day that Ignatius no longer believed in love. He couldn't stand seeing couples together and would force them to not show any affection near him when his father wasn't around. If Igantius couldn't be happy, nobody could be. That was how he lived.  


Runic Magick

by Amelia Nite (Paint)
Ignatius' abilities of magick are rare. He can harness two types of magick, but his strongest is runic magick. He knows that he needs to either carve or paint the runes onto his body, but once applied, he can access a variety of elements. He can also read rune stones, which costs energy to supply him with such power and knowledge.

Air Magick

by Amelia Nite (Paint)
Similar to his son, Ignatius can manipulate air magick. However, he cannot create storms or summon lightning to his fingertips. Instead, he can change to the weather to cold or hot to help instigate the change in weather patterns. Some abilities help Ignatius to strangle or suffocate someone, hover in the air, and judge the air currents.


Ignatius was a playful and kind pup. He cared about so much and wanted to see the world become a better place. Friends were easy for him to make as a pup, and he was never alone. But around the age of twelve, he discovered his friends were only with him for the status he brought with him. This pushed Ignatius into seeing friendship as worthless and a weakness.   He became more violent and lashed out at those around him. Ignatius started arguing with his father, wanting to be named Alpha on his eighteenth birthday. Yet, Alpha Rokomo saw that his son was falling down the wrong path and begged him to give life a chance. Ignatius ignored his father and started turning to experiments and whatever magick could give him. From his status, Ignatius believes that he gets what he wants when he wants. Since his father won't give him the Alpha title, Ignatius would turn on his pack duties and thrust himself into his experiments.   During late spring of 1990 AD, Ignatius met Lisa Cheonsa-McClain and saw her as his pride and joy. He couldn't wait to mate with someone of such a high power. Lisa was the daughter of Representative Jack McClain and Senator Kěith Cheonsa, and a lycan with deadly abilities that nobody dared to threaten the Cheonsa-McClain family line. Ignatius introduced himself to her and offered to show her around his pack. But Lisa was quick to scrunch her nose up in disgust at him and quickly rejected him. She walked away in a huff and asked her parents if she could leave early. Since then, Ignatius has yet to see her again.   As Ignatius wallowed in misery as his powerful mate rejected him, he missed all the signs that the Savage Fang Tribe was moving in to attack. A large group of pantheras attacked the pack. Ignatius remained in his lab, ignoring the fighting and bloodshed above him. When he popped his head out to check the surrounding area, he saw many of his people were dead and over fifty Omegas were missing. This was dubbed the Omega Sacrifice as the missing Omegas were never found and for the Warriors, Hunters, and Scouts who died in battle were honored with memorials near the ceremonial stones of the pack.   Six years went by with Ignatius trying to ignore his father's demands of having a pup. Truth be told, Ignatius couldn't handle the thought of a brat running around his ankles as he tried to work on his experiments. But the pressure soon became too much for Ignatius to ignore and he ventured out to find some human woman to bare his pups. After two days outside the pack, Ignatius found Rachell and he cornered her, threatening her to have his pups while he figured a way to take the pack for himself. Rachell was scared of Ignatius, yet she submitted to him and he impregnated her shortly after. Three months later, Chris was born. Rachell, on the other hand, died as well as the other three pups she carried.   Another six years passed as Ignatius raised his son. He made sure to instill Chris' mind with any negative thoughts and showed him the path of toxic masculinity that Ignatius believed was the only way to properly have power. Around this time, Ignatius was growing bored and started looking for a new way to experiment.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Rogue Alpha
Quick Facts
Chaotic Evil
Birth Date:
February 14th
Birth Year:
1972 AD 47 Years Old
Home Town:
Brown, squinty
Skin Tone:
Fur Tone:
Red Wolf
6'6" (198 cm)
Other Notes
Rokomo Williams (father)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Fallen Syndicate
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Bond of Silver (formerly)
Fallen Syndicate
Fourth District (formerly)
Storm Pack (formerly)
Related Experiments / Creations:
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
Contemplating what would be a great way to create a brand new werewolf, Ignatius noticed a pantheras in town and kidnapped him. Finding a way to breed a werewolf/pantheras child would be an achievement that could change the weaknesses of a werewolf. No more silver weakness!  
Author: Ignatius Williams
Subject: Experiment Logbook Entry #728
Date: March 28, 2002  
  It has been exactly two months since I started my experiment on the Omega with the pantheras sperm. The results have been surprisingly accurate as predicted, and the Omega should be due to give birth in one month's time. Unfortunately, the Omega is only carrying one pup. If this pup is stillborn, my efforts will be for nothing. I need this to work! Just the thought of a wolf carrying pantheras DNA (and perhaps some of their abilities) could change the tide of the werewolf species! For now, I'll continue monitoring the Omega for any signs of discomfort and irregularities.
  With the pantheras in his grasp, Ignatius decided that the best course of action was to use an Omega to breed a mixed species child. Ignatius searched his entire pack until he found the right Omega and drugged them. He continued to keep the Omega drugged throughout the entire process and making sure the Omega was impregnated with pantheras sperm via in vitro fertilization. During the process, Ignatius clocked how long it would take to make sure the Omega became pregnate, and he released the Omega back into the pack roughly one month after impregnating him. The hope for a werewolf/pantheras child was all that Ignatius had to wait for.   Years went by with Ignatius watching his experiment be birthed and raised by the Omega. He took every opportunity to inject the child with a serum made from the rosemortis plant to keep the pantheras side from revealing itself. He couldn't risk losing his prized possession so soon.   Ignatius' boredom changed over time. He had always enjoyed seeing people suffer, so torture was not above him, especially when it came to furthering his research. That's when he chose a young pup, Deidrick Howl, to become his playtoy. Deidrick was only five-years-old when the torturing began and it continued until he was eleven, when his birth giver noticed Deidrick had a few bruises on his body. He secretly snuck a recorder with his son and caught audio footage of Ignatius tormenting Deidrick and causing the injuries. Alpha Rokomo was forced to intervene and he publically banished Ignatius from the pack. The only difference was how Chris handled it, which has only led to strife within the pack since.   After Ignatius faced his banishment, he turned to a crueler method of his experiments. He rallied Storm Pack members who didn't agree with the banishment and claimed that Deidrick's parents were "making shit up." Together, they formed the Fang Pack with Ignatius as Alpha. He appointed someone as his Beta until a young Mavon Williams revealed his skills as a torturer and sadist. Igantius approved of Mavon's nature and made him Beta. Many years passed until Ignatius discovered that dark fae blood injected into a werewolf and then a runic magick spell cast over the wolf would caused a new breed of species to be born. Elated with his new discovery, Ignatius pushed further still to use his new creation as a way to overthrow his father and take the Storm Pack as his own. He would also ally with the other rogue packs to slaughter the Wolf Council of Bonds to dominate all of the werewolf culture within the USA. Ignatius called this new species the warsworn.  
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Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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