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The Moonlight Expanse

The Moonlight Expanse is located to the southeast of Chymoús and is home of the Expansionists. The Moonlight Expanse is said to have started the Chymoús War, claiming that the four reigning Alphas (Axel Croix, Herrick James, Lysander Snippet, and Matrius Connor) went out an assassinated Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa. For 500 years, the war has ravaged the expanse, forcing every Alpha to have their witches use a spell to deter the Itudean Army away from their main capitals, the head of the pack. This is the only reason the Moonlight Expanse still stands to this day.  

Geography & Climate

The Expanse is made up of five packs that rule over five different regions, each with their own climate that varies depending on the season. For the White Mountains, the climate is highland due to being up in the frozen mountains. The Deep Waters Region is known to have a tropical wet climate during glimmercrest and then it changes toward a subarctic climate during icegrasp due to their swampy lands and being so close to the White Mountains, whereas the Winter Plains is strictly a subarctic climate all year around, making the only known pack region to rely on farming and nurturing animals for food and supplies. With the Blue Desert, they are stuck with a subarctic climate mixed into a semiarid climate due to their desert being having cooler temperatures during glimmercrest and freezing temperatures during icegrasp. The Silver Forest is also a subartic climate but they are surrounded by a massive forest that takes up seventy-five percent of their land.  

What species live there?

Many species can be found within the Expanse, such as alligators and their mutated equivalent, the prime aligator, snapping turtles, slátrun accipiters, vampire ground hawks, frost goats, horses, unicorns, bloodroaches, dracats, and the rare luna moths.  
Just as full of life the fauna, the flora living within the Expanse are the bitterthorn trees, cherryleaf trees, fire nettle trees, red leatherleaf trees, everbright moss, luna flowers, wolfsbane and its mutated subspecies, the sentient wolfsbane.

Table of Contents

Quick Facts
Wolf Council
Leader Rank:
Council Member
Notable People:
Alpha Axel Croix
Alpha Herrick James
Alpha Lysander Snippet
Alpha Matrius Connor
Jack McClain
Liricus McClain
Lucian McClain
Rider McClain
Alpha Challenge
Luna Racing
Transition Meal
Major Settlements:
Blue Desert Pack
Shadow Lake Pack
Silver Forest Pack
White Mountain Pack
Winter Moon Pack
Other Landmarks:

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