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Itude Empire

Just south of the Frozen Wastes and east of the Moonlight Expanse, the Itude Empire reaches out to the continent of Shálmâne, almost touching the edge of it. Although the Itude Empire is controlled by vampires, other species loyal to the vampires reside there, never seeking to step passed its boundaries put up by the blood witches, which prevent the werewolves from entering unannounced. All vampires who reside along the edge know the nightmarish stories of warning system howling in the dead of night, giving the call of intruders there to attack.


The Royal Family

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Vladimir Tepes

Species: Vampire
Age: 1380 years
Status: Alive
Rank: Emperor

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Sin-Yeona Cheonsa

Species: Vampire
Age: 690 years
Status: Deceased
Rank: Empress

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Marinette Cheonsa

Species: Vampire
Age: 373 years
Status: Deceased
Rank: Crown Princess

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Kěith Cheonsa

Species: Vampire
Age: 524 years
Status: Alive
Rank: Crown Prince

by Arun Clarke (Unsplash)

Léhä Tepes

Species: Blood Witch
Age: 240 years
Status: Alive
Rank: Princess



Current Leaders of the Empire
Current Leader Rank Geography Primary Industry District
Alestar Sangelfique Duke Coastal Farming, Fishing Coastal Region District
Brimm Horus Duke Coastal Fishing Storms Reach District
Jullian Justice Duke Tundra Hunting, Mining Northern Narrows District
Vladimir Tepes Emperor Rocky Hinterlands Forging, Hunting, Mining Sheltered Inlands District
Yī-sēn Xiěyè Duke Plains Farming, Hunting Serphants Scope District



The warped land of the empire is home to the Sheltered Inlands District, Storms Reach District, Coastal Region District, Northern Narrows District, and Serphants Scope District. This war-ridden land is ruled by Emperor Vladimir Tepes and encompasses the eastern side of Chymoús. The vampires govern these lands with egotistically, treating the living as nothing more than servants, while those captured during the war are made into Exotic Pets, as if they are a living trophy of the war.   Each of the regions within the empire controls two guilds, which are forced to pay a tax that requires sending each family member (once they reach the age of fifteen) to a guild, whether it would be a family tradition for the same guild or if the person chooses to go off into a different path. Guilds that refuse to pay the tax face a punishment that usually renders them unable to do things freely without vampires being present in the building. And running away from a guild tax brings in the Oni Legion, which either gets you killed or worse, turned into an Exotic Pet. While Emperor Vlad is the one with the final say, he usually approves the plans his dukes come up with. This can include anything from military tactics to dangerous and unique weapons.


The continent of Chymoús, home to the Itude Empire, Moonlight Expanse, Flight Academy, Conjura, Phoenix Sun, and Sorrel Kingdom.
Settlements of the Empire
Settlement Name Settlement Type Settlement Region
Bronzescar Village Northern Narrows
Culbo Town Coastal Region
Fort Aether Fort Northern Narrows
Fort Arcadis Fort Northern Narrows
Fort Auseow Fort Serphants Scope
Fort Azure Fort Northern Narrows
Fort Bozled Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Chambers Fort Serphants Scope
Fort Dexir Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Greene Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Night Fort Coastal Region
Fort Novis Fort Northern Narrows
Fort Pulow Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Sancus Fort Northern Narrows
Fort Starsh Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Stormcoast Fort Sheltered Inlands
Fort Teaup Fort Sheltered Inlands
Homucla Capital City Storms Reach
Lumna Capital City Northern Narrows
Oxcrest Town Northern Narrows
Tulan Capital City Coastal Region
Vol'nische Royal Capital City Sheltered Inlands
Xero'nac Capital City Serphants Scope
Zarahk'n City Sheltered Inlands
Zruosvine City Northern Narrows


Notable Vampire Houses

Coastal Region District
Down in the southeast of the empire, where the weather is lukewarm and the sea is ice-cold, is the third strongest of the houses, the Sangelfique Family in the capital city of Tulan. Here they control the Oni Legion, an organization fit to destroy any threats that dare threaten the empire.  
Northern Narrows District
Ruled by the fourth-strongest house is Justice Family, set in the snowy northwest of the empire. Within the capital of Lumna resides the Lynx Syndicate, a guild set up in the fashion of a mafia. Those who are wise to make deals or trade what little portions of their life that they have can gain something of value to them. In most cases, this is a form of removing a threat from someone's life to gain ownership over them.  
Sheltered Inlands District
Set in the middle of the empire, nestled with each of the regions protecting it, sits the Sheltered Inlands. The Tepes-Cheonsa Family rules the overall empire, but the capital the throne resides in is Vol'nische.  
Storms Reach District
With cold, harsh rains and devastating storms is the Horus Family. They control the Yellow Combine and Bane Conclave, which explains their use for nature and science.  
Serphants Scope District
The weakest house in the southeast portion of the empire is Xiěyè Family, the dry winter affecting mostly everything. Taking into effect the Cult of Odeyat set in the capital of Xero'nac, this region is the one that will tear anyone apart who dare forsakes them unless you are the emperor or his heir.

Table of Contents

Quick Facts
Founding Date:
1373 EoL
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System:
Monarchy, Absolute
Subsidiary Organizations:
Church of Darkness
Coastal Region District
Northern Narrows District
Serphants Scope District Sheltered Inlands District
Storms Reach District
Neighboring Nations:
Depths of Malfair
Land of the Druidic Circle
Moonlight Expanse
Torched Emberlands
Vol de'Iaigle
Other Notes
Economic System:
Palace Economy
Law & Order:
Official State Religion:
Church of Darkness
Official Languages:
Relation Notes
Related Ethnicites:
Related Items:
Itudean Silver
Statue of Darkness
Related Myths:
The Legend of Wolf Slayer
The Tragic Romance of Vlad & Sin-yeona
The Weeping Darkness
Founding Date
1373 EoL
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
The Itude Empire is made up of five districts: the Sheltered Inlands Region, the Storms Reach Region, the Coastal Region, the Northern Narrows Region, and the Serphants Scope Region. Each region contains one of the five main noble duke families that are directly tied into how the war is run.   The geography of the empire varies from the swampy and stormy lands in the Storms Reach to the cold plains of the Serphants Scope. In between is the frozen taiga and tundra of the Northern Narrows, a mix of forest, plains, and stony peaks of the Sheltered Inlands, as well as the cold, bitter, and rainy coast of the Coastal Region.  

by Tamas Tuzes-Katai (Unsplash)

Bitter and harsh icegrasp seasons rule over the region and never seem to disappear, whereas glimmercrests are mild. Raincallis the stormy season, causing the Storms Reach and Coastal Region to become hazzardous. In all, the empire is a subarctic climate where it snows a large portion of the year and has a pretty massive amount of parcipitation the rest.  
Regions and Taxes
The Itude Empire is made up of the following regions, each controlled by a Vampire noble house. These essential settlements of the empire hold a guild tax, which is collected every 100 days. Unlike the Moonlight Expanse, the tax is not Itudean Silver but comes in the form of the guild's specialized talent.   During each quarter, the tax is paid with their most promising items, blueprints, or war tactics. Some are even paid with war trophies, which consist of the heads of their enemies or war prisoners in the form of exotic pets. To keep themselves from facing a backlash from Conjura, Sorrel Kingdom, any elven kingdom, etc., the guilds who specialize in the war set up preparations to keep them from surging into the Itude Empire unannounced in the attempt to rescue their loved ones.   During the taxation, those who are made into exotic pets are sold through the form of an auction, which gives money to the empire for whatever weapons, vehicles, and provisions that are needed. Nearly 85% of exotic pets that are sold at auctions are tortured by their owners, treated as nothing but entertainment to the vampires. The other 15% is sent to be slain, their blood drained from their bodies, and their corpses hung upon stakes in the forms of crosses along the border between both the Itude Empire and Moonlight Expanse.

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