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Exotic Pet

On Kruqesk 25th, 1852 EoL, the Itude Empire legalized Exotic Pets as a form of slavery. Though, the empire refuses to use the term "slave" in correspondance with their Exotic Pets. These Exotic Pets are usually Prisoners of War, selling them off for the highest bidder at Exotic Pet Auctions, throwing them in the Capturing of the Pets, or even straight up catching them out in one of the surrounding nations on Chymoús.   Exotic Pets are described as a collection of species from the Depths of Malfair, the Land of the Druidic Circle, the Moonlight Expanse, the Torched Emberlands, and the Vol de'Iaigle, and are kept in households, though not typically kept as a pet, and are the legal property of a vampire, in which they are forced to obey their owner or master. With auctions, the selling of Exotic Pet is used to raise money for the war against the Retribution Alliance, and are usually a white-tie event with a Gala theme.   There are four different types of slavery in the world:  
  • Chattel slavery is the traditional form of slavery that the term "Exotic Pet" derives from, and chattel means personal property, which leads to people being bought as sold as commodities.
  • Bond labor is known as debt bondage, or unfree labor. In this form of slavery, someone has pledged themself against a loan and it can be passed on from generation to generation, such as the person's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. are required to finish paying off the debt.
  • Forced labor is also unfree labor where a person is forced to work against their will under threat of violence or other punishment. It is a mixture of chattel slavery as well as bonded labor. Human trafficking can be an example.
  • Forced marriage is where the one forced into this is required to engage in sexual activities, perform domestic duties, and other various works. Bride price and dowry can lead to this.
  And the form of slavery that is used in the empire in chattel slavery.  

Exotic Pet Collars

Each collar is made up of a different metal or stone that represents a species' metalic or stone allergy. Different allergies can lead to a variety of conditions that could potentially kill the Exotic Pet.  
by Amelia Nite (Hand drawn)
  • Elves have collars made completely out of copper. Both species contain pointy ear symbols on the collars to show that they are of the elven species.
  • Fae have collars made out of iron with butterfly wing symbols on them.
  • Half-elves are a subspecies of the elven and human species combined, which is why their collars are a mixture of copper with steel.
  • Griffins have collars made out of chrome with griffin symbols on them.
  • Merfolk have collars made out of steel with fish symbols on them.
  • Nekomatas have collars made out of jade stone with cat symbols on them.
  • Phoenixes have collars made out of xostaenor that have symbols of bird heads with wings rising up.
  • Shapeshifters have collars made out of bronze that have symbols of bear paws with a human hand inside them.
  • Sirens have collars made out of brass with seashell symbols on them.

  • Werewolves have collars made out of silver with howling wolf symbols on them. These are most painful collars as any wolf ranked below an Alpha or Alpha Heir (Lunas are not an acception) will be burned the second silver touches their flesh, sort of like acid.

Jack's werewolf collar by Amelia Nite (Hand drawn)

Table of Contents

by AlLes (Pixabay)
Pets / Prisoners of War / Slaves / Toys / War Criminals
Quick Facts
Chattel Slavery
Luxury; only the nobility or higher can afford one
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Other Notes
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Itudean Silver
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by oudba_msi (Pixabay)


In order to own an Exotic Pet, one must contain an ID and passport from the Raven Senate. After this, the vampire must register with the Raven Senate to see if they are eligible to own an Exotic Pet. Usually this involves proving one's income as proof that they are able to maintain owning an Exotic Pet. Once past this, they either participate in the Capturing of the Pets, buy an Exotic Pet at an auction (held every two moons), or capture an Exotic Pet from out in the wild.   The second a vampire owns a total of five Exotic Pets, they can no longer proceed to capture or buy an Exotic Pet. Each member in the family can own an Exotic Pet as long as they are 390-years-old (e.g. if the royal family each owned five Exotic Pets, they would have a total of fifteen Exotic Pets in the family). This can be overruled if a member of the family can no longer take care of an Exotic Pet and they wish to transfer the Exotic Pet down to a family member who doesn't have five Exotic Pets, via signing the right legal documents or even selling their Exotic Pet at an auction to help raise money for the war, which most nobles do once their Exotic Pet is broken and no longer fears them. They can also just send their Exotic Pet to a butcher, who will slaughter them for their meat to feed the discarded and blood to the vampires.   The total price of buying an Exotic Pet is always in Wolf Slayer coins, and equates to the following:  
Type of Exotic Pet Beginning Price Raised Price per Bidder
Half-Elves (most common) 2,000 Slayer 200 Slayer
Elves (most common) 3,000 Slayer 300 Slayer
Nekomata (common) 3,500 Slayer 350 Slayer
Sirens (common) 4,000 Slayer 400 Slayer
Fae (rare) 5,000 Slayer 500 Slayer
Shapeshifters (rare) 6,000 Slayer 600 Slayer
Griffin (extremely rare) 7,500 Slayer 750 Slayer
Merfolk (extremely rare) 8,000 Slayer 800 Slayer
Phoenix (rarest) 9,000 Slayer 900 Slayer
Werewolf (rarest) 10,000 Slayer 1,000 Slayer

ID Numbers

by 莎莉 彭 (Unsplash) Modified with Barcode
When one becomes an Exotic Pet, they are cataloged with a black tattoo that resembles a "barcode" with a number underneath it. These marks are to help locate an Exotic Pet if they ever attempt to escape and get caught. A simple scan with a barcode adapter will instantly tell who the Exotic Pet belongs to, which also leads to a severe punishment to the Exotic Pet when brought back to their owner. These barcodes never fade, nor can they be hidden with magick. They are permanently presentable so that the Exotic Pet is locatable.   The ink for the ID number is made with blood magick and a rare █████ ink so that it is unable to be removed with other kinds of magick if the Exotic Pet is ever able to escape and make it back to the Moonlight Expanse.  


by Henry & Co.
Back on Kruqesk 9th of 1852 EoL, the Exotic Pet Laws were first proposed by Wolf Slayer, who wanted to make the werewolves pay for slaughtering Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa and Crown Princess Marinette Cheonsa and making those within the Moonlight Expanse, who acted out war crimes against the empire, suffer as a result. These laws allow for vampires to own up to five Exotic Pets. They can also do whatever they wish with their Exotic Pet (mainly torture or use them to feed off of). These codes also allow an owner to retrieve their Exotic Pet without their permission.   Any citizen of the Itude Empire has access to the Exotic Pet Laws document. Under sub-clause 78-9B of the Itude Empire Laws document: when one wishes to view the Exotic Pet Laws, they must provide their ID and passport (if from another region in the empire) to gain access to a copy of the laws. The only exception to this rule is the nobility already contain a copy as it is easier for them to refer to it when they own Exotic Pets. With the signature of the Emperor and Wolf Slayer, the document is made legal in the eyes of the Raven Senate.   These laws would soon be modified by Emperor Vladimir Tepes as a way to treat any war prisoners as slaves. Wolf Slayer attempted to challenge this modification, but it was shut down by the Raven Senate, who stated the laws were to punish anyone who dared turn against the empire and claim that the vampires were the real violators of peace. Thus, the rule was to stay in place and the Exotic Pets were now to be of any race other than vampires or the citizens of the empire.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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Incredibly well detailed! Fantastic reasoning behind the reason for chattel slavery -- and the fact that really, the vampires just wanted the slaves and to show dominance.

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