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Exotic Pet Laws

TW: Racism, Slavery
  Just like any form of slavery, Exotic Pets and their owners are forced to follow a code. This code is not for the faint of heart and usually requires severe punishments if the Exotic Pet steps out of place. In some extreme cases, the owner can even lose their Exotic Pet, and in others, the Exotic Pet is put to death.  


Any citizen of the Itude Empire has access to the document. Under sub-clause 78-9B of the Itude Empire Laws document:  
"...when one wishes to view the Exotic Pet Laws, they must provide their ID and passport (if from another region in the empire) to gain access to a copy of the laws."
  The only exception to this rule is the nobility already contain a copy as it is easier for them to refer to it when they own Exotic Pets. With the signature of the Emperor and Wolf Slayer, the document is made legal in the eyes of the Raven Senate.  


Back on Kruqesk 9th of 1852 EoL, the Exotic Pet Laws were first proposed by Wolf Slayer, who wanted to make the werewolves pay for slaughtering Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa and Crown Princess Marinette Cheonsa and making those within the Moonlight Expanse, who acted out war crimes against the Itude Empire, suffer as a result.   These laws would soon be modified by Emperor Vladimir Tepes as a way to treat any war prisoners as slaves. Wolf Slayer attempted to challenge this modification, but it was shut down by the Raven Senate, who stated the laws were to punish anyone who dared turn against the empire and claim that the vampires were the real violators of peace. Thus, the rule was to stay in place and the Exotic Pets were now to be of any race other than vampires or the citizens of the empire.  
"You say slavery, but they get food, water, and bed. How is them paying me back for what I give them slavery? If I didn't do it, then someone else would do it and they'd be a much worse master than me."
— Exotic Pet Owner


In order to own an Exotic Pet, one must contain an ID and passport from the Raven Senate. After this, the vampire must register with the Raven Senate to see if they are eligible to own an Exotic Pet. Once past this, they either participate in the Capturing of the Pets (an event held four times a year where a vampire can hunt an Exotic Pet for a small fee to obtain them as their own), buy an Exotic Pet at an auction (held every two moons), or capture an Exotic Pet from out in the wild.   The second a vampire owns a total of five Exotic Pets, they can no longer proceed to capture or buy an Exotic Pet. Each member in the family can own an Exotic Pet as long as they are 390 years old (e.g. if the royal family each owned five Exotic Pets, they would have a total of fifteen Exotic Pets in the family). This can be overruled if a member of the family can no longer take care of an Exotic Pet and they wish to transfer the Exotic Pet down to a family, who doesn't have five Exotic Pets, via signing the right legal documents or even selling their Exotic Pet at an auction to help raise money for the war, which most nobles do once their Exotic Pet is broken and no longer fears them.  
>>Recorded Message from a Magickal Cion Crystal<<   "A good trade-off seems like the perfect way to get rid of a useless Exotic Pet, don't you think, Lord Sangelfique?"   "Quite so, Lord Horus. Perhaps the Toy should heal up before you sell it."   "Good point. I shall send for a healer at once, then be rid of this thing."   >>End of Recording<<

Table of Contents

by Henry & Co.
Quick Facts
Decree, Royal
Authoring Date:
Kruqesk 9th, 1852 EoL
Ratification Date:
Kruqesk 25th, 1852 EoL
Signatories (Characters):
Signatories (Organizations):

ID Numbers

by 莎莉 彭 (Unsplash) Modified with Barcode

When one becomes an Exotic Pet, they are cataloged with a black tattoo that resembles a "barcode" with a number underneath it. These marks are to help locate an Exotic Pet if they ever attempt to escape and get caught. A simple scan with a barcode adapter will instantly tell who the Exotic Pet belongs to, which also leads to a severe punishment when brought back to their owner. These barcodes never fade, nor can they be hidden with magick. They are permanently presentable so that the Exotic Pet is locatable.   The ink for the ID number is made with Blood Magick and a rare █████ ink so that it is unable to be removed with other kinds of magick if the Exotic Pet is ever able to escape and make it back to the Moonlight Expanse.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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Jul 3, 2020 05:49 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

I very much like this article. It has a dark tone to it due to the fact it is really a way for one species to have full control over other species. I also feel like you gave all the information needed and left out any unnecessary tit-bits that would have made the article too long. I also love the actual document. It is something I always struggle with myself, to make the document itself read like it is real. Well done! A wonderful article to read.

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
Jul 3, 2020 05:53 by Amelia Nite

Thank you so much! I tried my hardest to figure out what a document should look like before I looked up "US documents" and took inspiration from them. So, if you ever need any help that's one way to do it.

Jul 3, 2020 07:52 by Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)

That is a great tip! I'll keep that in mind.

Author of Ealdwyll, a fantasy world full of mystery.
Jul 3, 2020 11:57 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Firstly, the document is really well written. It felt like reading a proper legal document.   Secondly, wow, this is dark. So much potential for stories, though!

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
Jul 3, 2020 17:27 by Amelia Nite

Thanks! I hunted down a few US documents from history to get an idea of how the layout should be.   You can also thank the prompt that started this world for me: "what if vampires owned werewolves as exotic pets?"