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Marinette Cheonsa

Marinette was the first born of Vladimir Tepes and Sin-Yeona Cheonsa. Her birth came as a surprise to her parents, who were in the middle of their second honeymoon. Mari, as she likes to be called, was shy and quiet.  


Mari loved sweets. She would occasionally sneak her little brother, Kěith Cheonsa into the royal kitchen to get sweets, knowing very well that Dong-Sukio Cheonsa could not refuse Kěith's puppy pout. If her education lessons began to bore her, Mari would fake a headache and then venture outside to play with her brother. While this annoyed their father, Mari easily proved she had the manipulative tactics to survive the court.  
Mari dislikes being cooped up and would rather spend her days exploring the outside world. She also dislikes her studies and can't stand the smell of books or the sound of fire. Even the smell makes her gag and become nauseous.    
Being born in the royal family gave Marinette a sense of purpose. She oozed grace and poise while speaking with a tone befit powerful ruler. She looked up to her father, wanting to master his authoritative stance.     Use the tabs above to learn more about Marinette's personality.
Body Features
Identifying Features
body features  
  • slender
  • as
  • Mari is the pinnacle of beauty in the empire, taking after her mama in looks, what with her dark hair and eyes.  
    Ever since she was a little girl, Marinette has captured the empire's heart with her beauty. While she doesn't have any beauty marks on her skin, her face alone is enough to draw anyone's eye.     Use the tabs above to learn more about how Marinette carries herself and her identifying.


    Marinette was born on Klufusius 3rd of 1429 EoL in the Vol'nische Palace. A few decades later, her baby brother, Kěith was born and she blessed his birth by placing a small crown of flowers atop his head. Six months later, Mari heard of Mama's death and witnessed her father calling for the war against the Moonlight Expanse for Mama's murder. Kěith ended up being sent away, leaving Mari with little happiness. She was forced into an early royal education to prepare her in case anything went south with the empire.   When Kěith returned to the empire on Biwid 25, 1672 EoL, Mari grew excited and started making up any excuse to hang out with him and not perform her royal duties. Her great-uncle, Dong-sukio told her stories about Kěith's life in Tong-illa, going as far as promise Mari that he would take her to visit her relatives when she got older.   Soon, Léhä Tepes was born on Kruqesk 17. 1776 EoL. In the year 1792 EoL, Vlad put all his children into lockdown. While Léhä didn't understand the lockdown, Mari and Kěith quickly grew bored. Ten years later on Kruqesk 14, 1802 EoL, Kěith had become so bored that he talked Mari into taking him outside to play in the snow for a little bit. Mari brought Kěith down into the palace kitchen cellar and let him outside. Not five minutes later, Mari dragged Kěith back inside and was presumably killed, with Kěith being the only witnessed as to what happened.   Ever since that day, the palace mourns the loss of the Crown Princess, wishing it had been the Crown Prince who died and not her. It has become a holiday each year to mourn her loss.

    Table of Contents

    Mari / Sissy
    Quick Facts
    Neutral Good
    Birth Date:
    Klufusius 3
    Klufusious 3, 1429 EoL - Kruqesk 14, 1802 EoL 373 Years Old
    Home Town:
    Cis Female
    Dark Brown
    Skin Tone:
    Warm Beige
    5'1" (154.94 cm)
    Other Notes
    Vladimir Tepes (father)
    Sin-Yeona Cheonsa (mother, deceased)
    Kěith Cheonsa (younger brother)
    Léhä Tepes (younger half-sister)
    Affiliated Organization:
    Mental Characteristics
    As the original Crown Princess of the Itude Empire, she was given best education in the land. From dawn to dusk, she would be learning the history of the empire, military tactics, and how to hold court.
    Marinette never had to worry about a future job for herself as being born the Crown Princess gave her the highest rank within the empire. In other words, her life was planned out for her.
    Moral Philosophy
    With her life being cut short, she never had a chance to figure out what her moral beliefs were.


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