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Vladimir Tepes

Vladimir Tepes is the emperor of the Itude Empire, in which he rules with an iron fist. He is known as the "Mad Emperor" by the Retribution Alliance and even some of his citizens. After moving to Chymoús and creating the Itude Empire, Vlad ended up meeting the love of his life, Sin-Yeona Cheonsa, whom he later married and bore a total of two children with (Marinette Cheonsa and Kěith Cheonsa). Later on in life, he bore a daughter, Léhä Tepes, with one of his concubines, Ponnie.  
Vlad narrowed his eyes. In his hand, he twiddled with a quill. Setting it down, Vlad leaned forward, tucking his fingers together, a scowl on his lips.  

Vladimir Tepes: "So, you think you have what it takes to become Emperor, do you? What an utter fool."


Kěith Cheonsa: "You raised me as your heir. I have every right to claim the throne and if I have to, I'll challenge you for it."

  Vlad let out a hollow chuckle.  

Vladimir Tepes: "I'd like to see you try. Perhaps you could deminstrate for the empire just what kind of emperor you would be. I bet you'd enjoy making boys line up to-"

  A snarl left Kěith. For years he had tollerated his father's abuse.  

Kěith Cheonsa: "Believe what you may, Father, but I am taking the throne. It is my birth right as your only heir."


Vladimir Tepes: "What about Léhä?"


Kěith Cheonsa: "You know exactly why. She's not the offspring of you and Mama."

  Vlad shot out of his seat, pointing a spindly finger at Kěith's face.  

Vladimir Tepes: "Do not mention her, you worthless spawn!"

— conversation between Kěith and Vlad


Vlad is considered cold-hearted to those around him, though it's completely understandable. The night of Sin-yeona's assassination left him soulbroken, unable to forgive the werewolf species and his newborn son, Prince Kěith. When he was younger, Vlad was kind, caring, and an overall loving family man. He put family first and always vowed to keep them safe. Sin-yeona's death was his breaking point.   A few of his worst traits are that he is anti-LGBTQA+, racist, sexist, misogynistic, and a psychopath willing to sacrifice his people for whatever gains. He is considered the worst of the worst. However, his empire is too afraid to make a move against him.  


Childhood Years
Vlad was born on Judash 7th of the year 636 EoL to Lucifer, the Light and Morgana, the Reckoning. He is the fourth born child and the second of his siblings to obtain the title of emperor. He mostly lived under the shadow of his eldest brother, Beelzebub, and detested being treated like a child in public whenever family functions would arise.   In 902 EoL, Vlad got pushed into studyig for the Minuiantoan Court, even if he was uncomfortable with eyes being on him. He, surprisingly, took his studies seriously. Then, by 957 EoL, his father called him to his study, where Lucifer told Vlad news about Vlad being in an arranged marriage with Yehina Cheonsa. Vlad was unhappy with the arrangement as he wanted to find his soulmate. Unfortunately, he was forced to tolerate the engagement and attend galas and balls with Yehina on his arm.
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)
Teenage Years
Around 1027 EoL, on the eve of Lucifer and Morgana's birthdays, werewolves from the Aftokratoría Dankómatos Kynódonta attacked the imperiuo with an army of 10,763 men in the hopes of erradicating the vampires from Vash'gir. The attack resulted in thousands dying and many families wiped from history. This became the beginning of a new war. In response, Vlad sent Yehina home to avoid being slaughtered.
Adult Years
For 325 years, Vlad watched as his father set forth a war that would change the surrounding nations of Vash'gir. The Minuianto Imperiuo decided to attack neighboring countires in the hope of procuring slaves to replace the serfs, who were now joining the war and attempting to do whatever it took to wipe the Aftokratoría Dankómatos Kynódonta from the country.   When Lucifer was captured in 1372 EoL under mysterious circumstances, Vlad was the only one of his siblings that offered to venture out in search of their father. He set sail shortly thereafter and arrived upon a new land he dubbed Chymoús, which translates as "Tepes," on Sroqo 30th, 1373 EoL. Around Sihm 15th of 1373, Vlad established peace with the Phoenix Sun, Sorrel Kingdom, and Conjura. The Flight Academy, at the time, was still nervous about the newcomers on the land, while the Moonlight Expanse saw Vlad and all vampires as a threat.   On Biwid 12, 1374 EoL, Vlad began the expansion of the empire, spreading his influence across the continent and creating four regions controlled by his most loyal soldiers: the House of Horus, the House of Justice, the House of Sangelfique, and the House of Xiěyè, with the fourth and final region controlled by the House of Tepes.

Table of Contents

The Mad Emperor
Quick Facts
Biwid 12, 1375 EoL - Kruqesk 29, 2016 EoL
Coronation Date:
Kruqesk 18th, 1375 EoL
Coronation Location:
Chaotic Evil
Birth Year:
636 EoL
636 EoL - Kruqesk 29, 2016 EoL 1380 Years Old
Cis Male
Dark Brown
Shoulder length; Black
Skin Tone:
Pale White
6'4" (193.04 cm)
Other Notes
Lucifer, the Light (Father)
Morgana, the Reckoning (Mother)
Abaddon (younger sister)
Aleister Crowley (older brother)
Azazel (older brother)
Beelzebub (eldest brother)
Sin-Yeona Cheonsa (wife, deceased)
Marinette Cheonsa (daughter; deceased)
Kěith Cheonsa (son)
Léhä Tepes (daughter)
Organization, Primary:
Organizations, Secondary:
Minuianto Imperiuo (formerly)
Raven Senate
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The Tragic Romance of Vlad & Sin-yeona
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Sin-yeona before Vlad knew her by tuấn-kiệt-jr (Pexels)
Then, as everything in the empire was settling down for the empire around Klufusius 11, 1401 EoL, two ships arrived from the continent of Shálmâne, harboring Vlad's fiancée and her cousin and ambassdor, Sin-yeona Cheonsa. Vlad had them greeted and brought to the capital city of the empire, Vol'nische, where they had their first royal dinner with the crowned emperor. On that night, Vlad saw the one person who would change his future forever. During the late-even engagements, Vlad snuck away with Sin-yeona to ask her if she would give him a chance. Sin-yeona initially refused due to the way he treated his subjects and servants as though they were slaves. The more he tried to convince Sin-yeona, the more she pulled away from him until the Icegrasp Solstice Ball when Vlad invited a large portion of the empire's citizens and he got to dance with her all night. Sin-yeona's feeling for him changed that night and she realized that she wanted to give him a chance. The next day, Sin-yeona returned to her home country, while Yehina stayed with Vlad.
Marriage and 1st Child
sin-yeona's favorite rose by GLady (Pixabay)
For nine years, the couple attempted to keep their relationship a secret through romantic letters, but Waung Has-few Cheonsa saught to keep them apart. As Sin-yeona's heart broke, Waung Has-few Cheonsa relented and allowed for her to return to Vlad's side on Judash 1410 EoL. The return came with a condition -- Vlad and Sin-yeona's second-born child would be raised in the Tong-illa Teikoku as a betrothed to Crown Princess Ah-cy Zhao-yang of the Myeong-bich-ye Teikoku. Vlad accepted the deal through swearing upon the Sun and Moon goddesses and began to prepare a beautiful walk through the garden near the east wing of the palace for when his love returned to him. The garden was filled with all of Sin-yeona's favorite flowers, shrubs, and vines. Upon reuniting, Vlad proposed and Sin-yeona accepted. Judash 14th of 1410 EoL became the anniversary date of when Vlad and Sin-yeona got married, and has since become a tradition in the empire to celebrate true love.   Their romance blossomed even brighter and soon, they were expecting their first child. Marinette Cheonsa happened to be born on Klufusius 3rd of 1429 EoL. As the Crown Princess of the Empire, Marinette was raised with grace and poise. However, twelve years later, Sin-yeona ended up coming down with a terrible sickness that led her to being bedridden. Even the empire's best doctors couldn't come up with what was ailing the empress. Then, on Cahuln 15th of 1441 EoL, Sin-yeona went into a dream psychosis state where she spoke a fated prophecy aloud to her husband and the doctor in the room.
Vlad instantly dreaded what the prophecy could mean and started getting suspcious the Moonlight Expanse was up to something. He could not place his finger on what, just that something about the prophecy hinted that the werewolves were going to start causing issues for the empire. Vlad chose to increase the empire's security at this time.
Second Child
On Biwid 25th, 1492 EoL, Prince Kěith was born, and about six months later, on Tilelt 2nd of 1492 EoL, a terrible assassination plot threw the empire into disarray. Vlad and Sin-yeona were out for a stroll when the current four reigning Alphas of the expanse arrived to rely their part of the prophecy and mention that in order to stop the prophecy from coming true and keeping their Lunas safe, they must take out the empire's empress.
Vlad begged them not to, but Lysander blocked Vlad's path to his wife and Herrick took the blade and pierced it through Sin-yeona's bottom jaw and up into her brain, killing her instantly. Vlad, unable to control his grief, craddled her against his chest and felt his mind snap, becoming afflicted with the soulbroken curse. In his heartbroken state, Vlad vows revenge against the expanse and forges a new hatred toward his son.   One month later on Sroqo 16th, Vlad's hatred for Kěith reminded him of his promise to Waung Has-few Cheonsa and he sent Kěith to Tong-ilia as a way to get rid of him. The war happened to begin a few days later on Sroqo 25th, when Vlad declared war upon the expanse and anyone who dared to interfere would be seen as an ally to the expanse.
The War

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)
Character Portrait image: by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)


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