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Assassination of Empress Sin-yeona Newspaper Front Page



Empress Sin-yeona Murdered


Royalty Slaughtered by the Claws of Wolves


An Empress like no other

Beloved By All


A sad day has come for the empire this early morn. Late yesterday evening, a tragedy struck Vol'nische, shaking the very foundation of the empire to its knees while it slept, leaving Emperor Vlad in a state of grief. It all began when Emperor Vlad stepped outside with Empress Sin-yeona for a brief meal. Though this meal ended up a nightmare enrobed by the glow of the moon.   Empress Sin-yeona was born on Cahuln 29th of the year 802 EoL and died on Tilelt 2nd of 1492 EoL. She is one of eight grandchildren to Emperor Man-seoken and Empress Hyo-Joan of the Tong-illa Teikoku.   All who met Empress Sin-yeona will tell you the most distinct thing about her was she was always smiling with a spark in her eyes, she had a deep love of art and cheerfully painted portraits and landscapes. As a young vampiress, Empress Sin-yeona was a talented artist and enjoyed singing romantic tunes, activities she enjoyed watching and joining in on her entire life. Her family was ever-present in her hobbies, something that gave her great joy.   She eventually made her way to the Itude Empire, settling in Vol'nische to observe their construction of the empire, and after meeting Emperor Vlad, she went on to become his wife and empress of the empire.
by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

This loss weighs heavily upon those of the royal family and their closest friends. We ask all of you to please support your Emperor in this time of need.

In the empress' later years, after being aware of the birth of the empire's heir and another child on the way, Empress Sin-yeona, along with the emperor, enjoyed touring between the five great regions, attending plays put on by young fledglings, and spending time with her husband. Seeing the plays only inspired the empress to bedeck the nursery with murals.
Empress Sin-yeona is survived by her husband, Emperor Vlad, daughter and crown princess Marinette, son and prince Kěith, her brother Do-hunum and sister In-sooken, her father Beom-sukio and mother Gan-ne, and grandparents Man-seoken and Hyo-joan.


In some cases of her artwork, the empress can lose track of time, thus leading to her hunger. The knowledge of what happened came as a shock to everyone. The royal family has not come out about the event that took place, but from what has been gathered through sources can be said the empress was in a state of hunger and happened to be caught by wolves.   Her murder comes only six months after Prince Kěith was born, leaving many to wonder if this was a staged attack on the empress to weaken the empire for a coup. Now, the royal authorities are questioning the very nature of the attack. A list of evidence has been provided by royal security. Naturally, the list only provides more questions than answers.

After our lord returned with his late empress, we were able to have the royal coroner look at the wounds on her body. He was asked to not speak to the emperor so that he may provide any additional evidence without tempering. The coroner concluded that a total of four or five wolves attacked and slew the empress before our lord.
— Royal Advisor Mordred Saugnac
With this new evidence, the royal authorities are permitting anyone who spots a group of wolves to capture them for interrogation. In the empire, wolves are hard to come by, so as a push toward cooperation... You will be rewarded by the emperor himself for this good deep to your empire!

Skull Found in Red Gulf


Not only is the empire facing the horrific death of its beloved empress, it is also accompanied by the discovery of a vampiric skull in the Blood Red Gulf. When the skull washed ashore late Moyro evening on Cahuln 36th, it was noticed by a group of drunken traders who saw the white bone sparkling on the black sandy shores and disclosed this information to the authorities. As of now, the authorities believe it was dumped there over a month ago.

This murder is a warning to all. In these trying times, we must look to one another for comfort. Please do not turn on your brothers and sisters when they need you most, and report any finds you have to your local authorities.
— Security Chief Hacan Remus
The skull is said to have a sliver of a hole just large enough for a dagger's blade to fit through. It is unknown who the murderer is, but judging by the death blow, the authorities are guessing it to be a werewolf, perhaps even one of the wolves who attacked Empress Sin-yeona. These are but a few shreds of information the authorities have made public by command of the emperor.

by Max Kleinen (Unsplash)


No arrests have been made since the time of the discovery. The authorities are asking for anyone to step forward with information. Until then, the authorities are placing the cities near the Blood Red Gulf under strict curfew and nobody is travel alone.   Even with the curfew in effect, citizens have been instructed to look for any form of evidence they can find. Reporting any false information can and will lead to your arrest. For the liable future, the experts just ask for your assistance.

Wolf Tracking

By Day or Night

Anyone who has attempted to track a werewolf knows that wolves are notoriously hard to track. The very characteristics that make them great hunters and warriors are also what gives them an asset at avoiding capture.
Wolves can smell vampires from over a mile away and hear them from even further away than that. Also, wolves can cover a lot of ground, running 25km in a single night.   Wolf trails are great moments to observe them up close. They often use trails to navigate, notably along river banks and within denser woods. As winter nears, wolves will use already made paths to save energy.
If the imprint of the wolf’s paw is still sharp and visible in the ground, then it’s a good chance they are fresh. A big dispute comes by taking an inquiry of the prints from the paws of wolves and large dogs. The tracks of a wolf and large domesticated dog can be identical.
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The Alphas

Has there ever been a time when you wondered who the Alphas are? Well, look no further!   As of now, the Alphas are Axel Collins, Herrick Johnson, Lysander Bridgeton, and Matrius Tyler. The Alphas are treated like an emperor, with their word being the law. Due to an Alphas' nature, they don't take kindly to being mistreated.
They are also born as the four rulers of what is known as the Moonlight Expanse. By way of right, the Alphas have the freedom to run their pack in whatever way they desire. Some-times, this can lead to backlash.   Alphas are known for their tempers, letting the temper overtake an Alpha when a foreboding threat introduces itself. Usually, this comes in the form of the Luna being in danger. Lunas are the empresses of a pack and mate of an Alpha.
While they warn someone not to endanger a Luna, it also goes that abusing a pack is forbidden. Alphas have a duty to keep each and every member of the pack safe from harm. More often than not, Alphas only follow this rule when rogues are present, which can influence how the pack is run.   Never dare to mess with an Alpha or his mate, and especially do not threaten his pups. For those who do, death is surely impending in this case...
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Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


Author's Notes

The above images' artists are made out to look like they were taken from imageographers (photographers) in the Itude Empire.

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