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The Luna is considered to be like that of an empress and mate of the Alpha, with a spiritual connection to the feminine side of the pack. They are to be protected and cared for just as much as the Alpha is. Everyone answers the Luna and their word is also the law, but the Alpha has the final say.   However, a Luna does not have to be a female. If a male is discovered to be the Alpha's mate, this would make the Luna a Lunar.   A Luna is known for their gentle, timid natures. Lunas are also forbidden to step out and fight in battles for if they die, their Alpha would surrender to whatever is attacking them and let himself die, putting the pack in danger of going insane without an Alpha.   Their duty is to keep the spirit and emotional tether secure whenever the are trying times in the pack. The Luna is also sent to the bunker to be with the Elders, Pup Watchers, Pups, and Omegas, and whoever else can't participate in battles.   Another duty of a Luna is that they are expected to bear pups, take care of the children, cook food, be a hostess for their guests, and organize the huge parties held in the pack. If a Luna wants to teach or perform another job of sorts, they are told they cannot. The Wolf Council sees to this, which can bear down on the Luna at times.  
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Table of Contents

Quick Facts
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address:
Luna(r) (first name)
Future Luna(r) (first name)
Known Holders:
Judy Caldmen
Lacy Morgan
Lydia Lewis
Suna McClain
Future Holders:
Hilda Morgan
Kěith Cheonsa
Source of Authority:
Length of Term:
  • Until the Alpha Heir has taken over with their mate
  • If the Alpha dies, then the Luna(r) would only have up to two weeks left to live
Related Titles:
*Note: The Luna has always been female. No male Luna has ever been recorded.   *Another Note: If an Alpha has not found his Luna by the time he is 18-years-old, the Wolf Council in the Moonlight Expanse will choose the Alpha's closest, unmated female friend to be his Luna and produce his pups.   Unfortunately, if the Alpha meets his mate after he turns 18-years-old and has been forcefully mated to current Luna, his real mate will be made to stay in the pack, but not be allowed to have a romantic relationship with his mate.  
The Luna, regardless of their species can bear between four and eight pups a litter. In some cases, a Luna will only birth a litter of male pups or a mixture of male and female pups. When this happens, there's a chance that a she-pup is born first. In this scenario, the Alpha waits until a male pup is born for him to declare that he has an Alpha Heir. There are also cases where an Alpha may only have a daughter. In such instances as these, their daughter's mate will become Alpha as long as the Wolf Council agrees with this male mate and the daughter will then be considered the Luna.  

Alpha & Luna Laws

  1. Always support your pack.
  2. Never abandon a pack member.
  3. Treat each pack member with equal respect and privileges.
  4. In the event a member betrays, endangers, or abuses the pack, the decision to strip the wolf of pack status is left to the Alpha.
  5. The kidnapping, abuse, or deception of a reigning Alpha's Luna is illegal and will be treated as such.
  6. During Alpha meetings, civility and respect will be maintained throughout the entire time.
  7. Alliances may be made when a pack is threatened by rogues, hunters, vampires, etc.
  8. In the event an Alpha's Luna dies, the Alpha Heir will take over. If the Alpha Heir is younger than 16 years, then the Beta takes over (similar to a regent).
  9. If an Alpha Heir is unfit to be Alpha, the former Alpha may choose someone else with permission of the Wolf Council, or the Alpha Heir can be Alpha Challenged by another member of the pack.
  10. All Alphas must be of Alpha blood, descended from the Moon. In rare cases, she may appoint someone else as Alpha.

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