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TW: Sexual Assault, Forced Marriage, Kidnapping, Murder
Werewolves and shapeshifters are species blessed by Bavara, the Moon, who is said to have created the mate bond. But the truth is that the bond was originally created by Thyzai, Fate of Auras and Bonds, one of the ten Fates. She is the sole creator of lovers and harmony between all species.   In the eyes of Fate of Auras and Bonds, mates are supposed to be the one made perfectly for you; the one who fills the emptiness in your heart (or soul) and consumes your body with love. This bond is created to be unbreakable. And while this is true, not all mates work out. Some end up rejecting one another, while others refuse to accept the bond and avoid their mates. In worst case scenarios, mates can easily decide to torture their unwanted mate by sleeping around on them.  

Mating Stages

For a werewolf or shapeshifter to start searching for their mate, they must be sixteen years or older. Some meet their mate the day they turn sixteen and others must wait a while longer. This can cause anxiety in some as they may start to believe that their mate is dead. Though the aging thing can be overlooked if the Alpha is about to reach the age of eighteen or older and their mate is under sixteen. A few times this has happened, such as with Daimusa Tyler and her mate, Aluxious Mason. However, shapeshifters don't undergo the same mating process as werewolves.

When a mated pair is finally ready to complete the bond it is called "mating." Male wolves have the urge to make love with their mates practically every day; it's a hunger that is hard to ignore, though this mainly occurs in Alphas. And in some instances, wolves can reject their mates, but it is one of the most painful processes to endure. There are even circumstances where a wolf's mate is stolen (they are usually an Omega rank or the Luna/r. This can cause emotional pain to the wolf, which usually consists of reMarking the mate by raping them.

There are a total of five stages within mating:


Stage 1: First Sight

Once a werewolf catches their mate's one-of-a-kind scent, their inner wolf goes crazy, but they might not realize this is why. This is the case with Jack McClain, who's inner wolf (Zeya) insisted on being with their mate, regardless of who they were. Wolves know the moment they lock eyes with their mates (Alphas and Luna/rs become bound immediately and cannot reject one another else they wish to die), they feel each other's heartbeats in their chests. Nobody else can can feel the heartbeat except for the mates.

Table of Contents

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Lovers / Soulmates
Quick Facts
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by Amelia Nite
The tribal mate necklace cord's colors represent a werewolf mate's rank. For example, the necklace Jack McClain gave Kěith Cheonsa has a black cord, which is to show that Jack is the Alpha. If the wolf's rank changes at any point in time, the cord of the necklace their mate is wearing changes. Such as when the necklace Seán McClain gave to Sara Dre had a blue cord and then changed to a green cord when Seán was to raised from a Warrior to Beta rank.
When mates touch for the first time, such as holding hands, or anytime herein after, they feel electricity between them. Relationships with their mates is considered a strong bond, stronger than any other bond. If a wolf's mate is with someone when they first meet, the wolf will attempt to seduce their mate over to them. This can lead to problem issues, like fights breaking out and strife occuring within the pack.   Alphas are the type of wolf who won't allow any flirting with their mate. Their mate comes first, no matter the situation. When they find their mate, they will become possessive. In their minds, their mate is theirs and only theirs; they believe no one will ever be capable enough to protect their mate as thoroughly as them. In other words, do not mess with an Alpha's mate, whether their mate accepts them or not. Alphas will go crazy without their mates as their mate is the only one who can calm them down, yet this can only happen if they spend more than a month apart. If they are not there, the Alpha could go rogue since rogues are dangerously insane.  

Stage 2: The Mark

by Amelia Nite
For Alphas and their Luna/rs, they can complete this stage at any time of the year, but it must occur at the climax during sex. It is done by biting their mate's "sweet spot" on the left crook of their mate's neck. To complete this, the wolf injects their wolf venom into their mate's veins, sealing them together. The Mark lasts forever.   After that, they are more drawn to each other and it makes it harder to resist one another. They can be considered married at this point. She-wolves, female non-wolves and birth givers tend to become more emotional (Luna/rs are labeled empaths as they lead the pack spiritually). Male wolves become horny, to the point that once a mating urge hits them, they can only think about claiming their mate.
If one is not of wolf blood and they mate with their werewolf mate, they will gain some minor telepathy, or what is known as the "mind-link" in wolf culture. This works as a fantastic communication tool within the pack and mates, who may be in danger of a rogue attack. Omegas and pups are the only ones unable to communicate with the mind-link. Pups can gain the ability to mind-link only if they are given a rank higher than Omega once they turn thirteen.

Stage 2A: First Mark

Physically, the Mark isn't painful, but it is incredibly sensitive to being touched by their love (like the genitals), though it doesn't extend to touch by others, or clothing, or themselves. The Mark also brings the desire to have constant contact with their mate. Male wolves will nuzzle, nip, and/lick the Mark when they wish to mate; they will constantly do this until their mate cracks and allows them to make love, even if their mate is disgusted with them.
by Mariomassone (Wikimedia)

Stage 2B: First Mark Desires

She-wolves, birth givers, and Alphas go through a cycle of heat, which is the strong desire to mate; it only occurs once they have found their mate. With the she-wolves and birth givers, they go into heat one to two times a month (depending on when they met their mate) unless carryng a pup. Non-wolves and male wolves don't go through a heat cycle. As for Alphas, they are the acception as they go through a heat cycle during Icegrasp, thought it is only once a month. A heat cycle is said to last between five to ten Earth days.

Stage 2C: Alpha and Mate Heat

Alphas are the only one allowed to do this Mark. It is an emotional bond made one month after the first Mark (if unable to do this, there will b ea "Challenged Chase" the next time there is a pack meeting with both the Alpha and Luna/r present. Both must be naked and wade into the Moon Pool and bask in the full moon. Around this time, the Goddess of the Moon blesses them with a long life together. This Mark combines both their scents, which is invisible to all by the wolf counterpart.  

Stage 3: Second Mark (Alpha & Luna/rs Only)

Alphas are the only one allowed to do this Mark. It is an emotional bond made one month after the first Mark (if unable to do this, there will b ea "Challenged Chase" the next time there is a pack meeting with both the Alpha and Luna/r present. Both must be naked and wade into the Moon Pool and bask in the full moon. Around this time, the Goddess of the Moon blesses them with a long life together. This Mark combines both their scents, which is invisible to all by the wolf counterpart.

Stage 3A: Second Mark Desire

The bond is solidified and means the Alpha and Luna/r are mates for life. It is a metaphysical connection that links the Alpha to their mate; the Alpha can tell how close their mate is without using their nose. Sometimes, the connection may be strong enough to sense moods, like joy, distress, or even pain. It is a great way for an Alpha to know if their mate is in any form of danger.

Stage 3B: Luna/r Challenge

The chase is completed on a full moon when both the Alpha and Luna/r are present. One hour before the chase begins, the Beta leads the future Luna/r to the middle of the woods (or mountain pass/desert canyon) where the Luna/r spreads their scent through the location. When the hour is up, the Beta has the Luna/r switch into a set of their Alpha's clothing so that it is harder for the Alpha to find them.   During the chase, the Luna/r must avoid their Alpha to enforce the chase. If the Alpha has not caught them before the moon sets and makes the second Mark, they must repeat the Challenged Chase next month. When the making of the second Mark is completed, they "bond" under the full moon, right where the Alpha caught their mate.   The one thing that can cancel out the Challenged Chase is the Blood Ritual, which can only be done during Alpha Meetings.  

Stage 4: Second-Chance Mates (Alphas Only - Extremely Rare)

This is given to Alphas whose first mates are unworthy of being a Luna/r. Alphas can see their second chance mate if they have rejected their first chance mate, which usually comes from the Alpha not knowing that he's to be an Alpha.   If their second chance mate has been rejected (or if they've rejected their mate) and accepted the rejection of their mate (their mate has acceted their rejection), the second chance mate can now see that the Alpha is their second chance mate.

Barachiel Croix was born the second cousin to Luna Anahira Lewis of the Blue Desert Pack. During Anahira's reign as Alpha (she had yet to meet her mate), Barachiel rejected his first mate, a female merfolk, due to his sexuality being gay. Shortly after rejecting her, Barachiel was named heir to the pack if anything were to happen to Anahira before she could bear a pup for the pack. When Anahira found her mate, she had to leave for the Shadow Lake Pack due to her mate being Alpha Zach Lewis.

Stage 5: Death

When an Alpha's mate dies, the Alpha won't live long. They roughly would have 1-2 weeks left to live depending on how strong the bond with their mate is. This works the same way if the Alpha dies before the Luna/r. Once their mate dies, the Alpha or Luna/r may be driven to suicide due to the anguish of living without their mate. Regular ranked wolves and shifters don't die if their mate passes, but they do feel the death, just as an Alpha or Luna/r would feel it. Losing one's mate is like having their body ripped in half; it is excrutiating and unbearable.  

Vampiric Mates

by blende12 (Pixabay)
Located within an old tome is a chapter dedicated to vampires and werewolves being mates. This book can be found in the Winter Moon Pack, hidden away deep in the forbidden vaults, where things are put to be forgotten. It is said to have been written by Luna Uma, who had a dream involving a fuzzy black and white picture show of two lovers, one of vampiric blood and other of wolf lineage. She wrote down everything she could remember from the dream, including how to Mark a vampire.  
The chapter first starts off with talking about blood exchanges, which are small doses of blood being exchanged between the vampire and wolf over the course of a week (preferably 1 pint of blood for the vampire and a shot glass amount for the wolf). The blood exchange helps to increase the vampire's immune system as it becomes accustomed to the foreign antibodies within the wolf's blood. The wolf then builds up stores of compatible ferroin-compounds, and when the wolf bites down on the vampire's neck during climax, the vampire's body will accept the claim without poisoning them with wolf venom.   *Side Effects: The more blood they exchange, the more the vampire will be tied to the wolf, such as running the risk of become addicted to the wolf's blood. The need to mate becomes uncontrollable, like a heroin addict.

Kěith & Jack

With Jack McClain being the "prisoner" of Kěith, he had his wolf venom sacs removed as to keep Kěith safe. This presented a problem for when they mated as Jack wasn't sure if the Mark could be placed or not. Thankfully, the Mark worked and Kěith contains nice scar of Jack bitemark on the left crook of his neck. But due to Kěith and Jack not having to go through with the blood exhange, Kěith becomes addicted to Jack's blood whenever he drinks it, causing him to go into a hunger frenzy and not realizing what happened until someone pulls him away from Jack.


Mate Stealing & Bond Cheating

The act of reMarking a wolf's mate is rare, but it usually occurs when a rogue wants revenge on an Alpha. They don't even had to be reMarked to sleep with another being either. Cheating on one's mate is considered a taboo, yet it still happens and there practically is no laws that punishes those who were caught. In some packs of the Moonlight Expanse, laws are being discussed on the matter. However, it still may take some time for the laws to go into effect.

If an Alpha sleeps with someone other than their mate, the Luna/r would feel the pain and vice versa. It does not matter if they are not Marked, just so long as they've completed the First Sight.


In the case of an Alpha's mate being stolen and raped by rogues, the Alpha will kill without question and possily beat those who accuse the Luna/r of being a "slut/whore" within an inch of their lives.

Symptoms of Mate Stealing/Bond Cheating

  • Become pale and lethargic
  • Claws out
  • Eyes glow yellow (black if an Alpha; silver if a Luna/r)
  • Furious and in extreme pain; some can't even breathe
  • Blackout, in extreme cases
  • Death (if it continues over large periods of time)

Mate Scents

Normal Wolves

Mates give off a one-of-a-kind scent, as mentioned at the beginning of the article. However, those scents can change over time. When a mated pair completes the "first mark" stage, their scents intertwine to show that they are mated. One's scent can also change if they are sexually assaulted by a rogue, giving them a pungent, sickly scent that most wolves revolt at. Sadly, the only way to wash this scent off is by sleeping with someone in the pack, or sleeping with their mate. In most cases, it is recommended that the abused person must isolate themselves from the pack until they are able to meet their mate and get rid of the horrid stench.

Alpha & Luna/r

With Alphas and their mates, the scent one carries has different effects. In most cases, the Alpha and Luna/r scents are strong and powerful, mixed with their emotions. When a Luna/r is upset, their scent will gain sour notes while happiness makes their scent sweeter. As for when a Luna/r is pregnant, their scent becomes muddled and only their Alpha can detect it. This ensures that the litter of pups will be safe during the three-month gestation period. Alphas have a different tone with their scents. Whatever their mood, their scent is always spicy, but during their heats, their scents become unbearable to the point any unmated she-wolf or birth giver craves urge to breed with their Alpha.

Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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