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Tribal Mate Necklace

by Amelia Nite
Tribal mate necklaces are a valuable piece of jewelry created by the wolf packs in the 1000s EoD. This jewelry added a significant bonus to the mate bond that helped show who was mated to whom. The necklace would also give off the scent of the owner's mate, helping to protect them if a pack member attempts to seduce them or even assault them in some matter.  


The tribal mate necklace cord's colors represent a werewolf mate's rank. For example, the necklace Jack McClain gave Kěith Cheonsa has a black cord, which is to show that Jack is the Alpha. If the wolf's rank changes at any point in time, the cord of the necklace their mate is wearing changes. Such as when the necklace Seán McClain gave to Sara Dre had a blue cord and then changed to a green cord when Seán was to raised from a Warrior to Beta rank.  

Manufacturing Process

The tribal mate necklaces are easily created through the handiwork of jewelers within a pack. These jewelers would take a leather cord and die it to whatever their customer's mate's pack rank is. Then, they would fasten the canine to a ball and string it onto the leather cord. Next, they would put whatever colored beads that represent their customer's mate's races. And finally, the jeweler would give it back to their customer for no price at all as it is a requirement for mate pairs to have tribal mate necklace made by the next full moon after meeting their mate and losing their canine.

Table of Contents

Jewelry / Valuable
Only available to werewolves and their mates.
Base Price:
Materials & Components:
  • Werewolf canine that is lost one month after a wolf meets their mate
  • Colorful leather cords that represent one's pack rank
  • Colorful beads that represent one's race
  • Moon Power
    Related Species:
    Pack Rank Color
    Alpha Black
    Luna Silver
    Beta Green
    Delta Red
    Healers Yellow
    Warrior Blue
    Hunter Orange
    Scout Purple
    Pup Watcher Pink
    Omega Brown
    Species Bead Color
    Griffins Tan
    Blood Witches
    Blood Red
    Phoenixes Orange
    Werewolves White
    Merfolk Blue


    Tribal mate necklaces first started appearing in the 1000s EoD due to the the abundance of Werewolves losing a canine one month after meeting their mate. These canines were fastened to leather cords and worn around their necks as a symbol of love from their mates. Around 297 EoL, these tribal mate necklaces were discovered to store moonlight through Moon Basking. This changed the outcome how packs worked when it came to the mate bond.

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    Cover image: by Amelia Nite (Canva)


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