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Exotic Pet Auctions

TW: Racism, Slavery
  If one were to describe an auction, they would state it is a publicly held sale at which property or goods are sold to the highest bidder. For the Exotic Pet Auctions, these "goods" or "property" are Exotic Pets, or slaves. Exotic Pets came into being on Kruqesk 9th of 1852 EoL. The purpose of these auctions is to raise money for the war against the Moonlight Expanse. Most times, they wish to raise at least 100,000 Wolf Slayer coins. To get into an auction, you must either be of noble blood or a member of the royal family. An exception to this rule is if someone works as a guard, servant, or rangler.  


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The Exotic Pet Auctions are usually held within an auction house, the most notable one being in Zarahk'n. Each auction house is located within a large city, where many nobles come to either buy a new Exotic Pet or sell their old one.  
Process of an Auction
Time Checkpoint
1st hour Guests show up, check-in, and get a bid number
2nd - 3rd hour Time to bid on the items
3rd - 4th hour Checkout/pay and receive the purchase
Last 30 minutes Thank everyone before they leave
Guests take their purchase and leave
Auction Best Practices
All auctions must treat the products with care, as any product damaged after purchase can be refunded. Purchases much be chosen wisely, such as saving the best for last. At the beginning of the event, it is best to emphasize the cause (most auctions are a charity for the war to help fund the Itudean Army). And more importantly - serve dinner during it; no noble vampire wants an empty stomach when deciding the best product on stage.

Table of Contents

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Quick Facts
Gala and White Tie Event
Items Sold:
Related Currency:
Itudean Silver

Host Checkpoints

The host of the event (nearly 100% of the time, it is Emperor Vladimir Tepes) makes sure that the event planner has given everyone an assigned seat with their bid number, that the volunteers are in their places, a physical checkout point is set up, and a desginated area for pick-up is also available.
Auction Set Up
The theme is a white-tie event centered around a gala, and always located within the Itude Empire. Catering and gourmet food are readably accessible throughout the evening. An orchestra band plays string while waiting for the event to start.  
Auction Dress Code
White tie attire is the most formal dress code and is typically interpreted as floor-length gowns for women and a black jacket or coat with tails and matching pants for men.  
Type of Exotic Pet Beginning Price Raised Price per Bidder
Half-Elves (most common) 2,000 Itudean Silver 200 Itudean Silver
Elves (most common) 3,000 Itudean Silver 300 Itudean Silver
Nekomata (common) 3,500 Itudean Silver 350 Itudean Silver
Sirens (common) 4,000 Itudean Silver 400 Itudean Silver
Fae (rare) 5,000 Itudean Silver 500 Itudean Silver
Shapeshifters (rare) 6,000 Itudean Silver 600 Itudean Silver
Griffin (extremely rare) 7,500 Itudean Silver 750 Itudean Silver
Merfolk (extremely rare) 8,000 Itudean Silver 800 Itudean Silver
Phoenix (rarest) 9,000 Itudean Silver 900 Itudean Silver
Werewolf (rarest) 10,000 Itudean Silver 1,000 Itudean Silver

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