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Winter Moon Pack

Around Judash 34th, 1493 EoL, members of each of the original four werewolf packs of the Moonlight Expanse broke away, disgusted with what their former Alphas had done to cause the war, and descended toward the untouched land at the base of Chymoús. As the wolves stood there, basking in the light of the full moon, the seer of the group's eyes glowed white and she spoke unintelligible words that named Liricus McClain as the Alpha of the Winter Moon Pack.  
Jack sat across from his father, Alpha Lucian in the War Room as they went through a few battle reports located near the Howling Woods, centered north of the pack. Neither said much as they flipped through battle report after battle report, but the Alpha could feel his son's eyes on him. He sat back in his seat and rolled the pen between his fingers.  

Lucian McClain: "Son, I can tell you're antsy about something. What is it?"

  The Alpha Heir took a deep breath.  

Jack McClain: "Dad, I was thinking...when I turn sixteen and find my mate, I want to try our family's famous beer. Of course, this will only be when I announce who my mate is."

  Alpha Lucian smiled.  

Lucian McClain: "As long as I meet them before you announce them to the pack."


Jack McClain: "Yes, sir!"

  Jack said with a chuckle.
— Jack and Lucian, 4 years prior to the Bound Series
  Ever since then, the pack has worked hard to prove to the other packs that they are reliable in the war and good at keeping the vampires at bay. This usually requires a lot of compliance with whatever orders the Wolf Council came up with.

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by Amelia Nite (Paint)
"Ya can take the war 'n shove it up yar flea-ridden ass!"
Quick Facts
Founding Date:
Icogh 6th, 1493 EoL
Leader Title:
Parent Organization:
Neighboring Nations:
Flight Academy
Itude Empire
Phoenix Sun
Sorrel Kingdom
Related Traditions

Leadership / Noble Families

A large group of wolves broke away from their packs and went south to build their own pack that Bavara, the Moon gave to them. She named Liricus McClain as the Alpha. The McClain family first started leading the Winter Moon Pack as of Icogh 6th, 1493 EoL.  

by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Lucian McClain

Species: Werewolf
Age: 43 years old



by Amelia Nite (Artbreeder)

Suna McClain

Species: Werewolf
Age: 43 years old



by Sharon Christina Rørvik (Unsplash)

Jack McClain

Species: Werewolf
Age: 17 years old
Magick Powers: Ice Magick





WMP Flag by Amelia Nite (Worldspinner)
The Winter Moon Pack is located a short distance from the Howling Woods, where the pack usually trains and sometimes hunts for deer or elk, depending on the season. It is the capital of the Winter Plains Region, so their main source of income comes from farming.   Bordering on the West is the Blue Desert with the Serphants Scope to the Northeast and the Northern Narrows to the East with the Eideen Bay at its Southeast.  
WHITE WILLOW: White Willow is the main shopping district of the pack with the Alpha Cabin. The Armathain Courtyard resides here, giving others the chance to look upon the Eternal Arch statue's beauty as they travel from store to store. You can also find the cathedral open for anyone at any given time. This is also the place where the coming-of-age ceremonies happen for the pack.
  FROSSTOWN: Is mainly where most of the builders, inventors, and other engineer people are. Though you can find the nursery and orphanage in this spot, too. Some scouts and warriors choose to live in this district because of their mates' employment.   CLOUDSPIRE: Cloudspire is where the lesser group is placed. Omegas tend to find themselves living here, close to the dungeon. While it is relatively safe, a few incidents have occured with those who've broken out of the dungeon, prompting walls to be built around it.   BLACK HOLLOW: Black Hollow is known to have the travern, inn, infimary, and the male and female brothels. It is also where most of the pack members live, ranking from warriors to hunters to scouts and even pup watchers.   LUTTIL ACRES: One of the three farms in the pack. It is located North, where they mainly plant corn, soy beans, rice, and watermelon.   MOSSY ROCK MEADOWS: Another farm that is located Northwest of the pack with their main crops being potatoes, wheat, barley, groundnut, and cucumbers.   ORCHARD VALLEY: Orchard Valley has not only crops of cotton, peppers, and peas, and grain, it also has the stables where the Alpha, Beta, Delta, warriors, and scouts are usually found when prepping to watch over the pack via horseback. It is located to the Northeast and East of the pack.  
Winter Moon Pack


The cathedral works as both a religious temple and an inn for those too poor to afford the prices of the Duel Prairie Inn.   THE OBLIVION PITS
Home of all the criminals of the Winter Moon Pack. It even contains some rogues and vampires captured from the war. Torture is one of the functions of the dungeon, so it takes someone with a strong stomach to patrol its halls.   THE PINE RANGE SPIRE
Most people know it as a tower for a powerful Moon Witch, though nobody knows who it belongs too. It has become a pup dare to enter the tower on the eve of the coming-of-age ceremony into adulthood.   THE ARMATHAIN COURTYARD
This courtyard holds many of the pack's stores, like bakeries, general goods, and a few others. It also holds the famous town statue.   THE ETERNAL ARCH STATUE
The statue of the Eternal Arch is where the pack meetings are held. It has become one of the most popular sights for pups as they dream of the day when they can attend their first pack meeting.  
Key Stores
  1. The King Hog - Apothecary
  2. Ironclad Mill - General Store
  3. Mythica, the Enchanting Herbalist - Enchanter
  4. The Smelt Belt - Blacksmith
  5. Purity Arch Stables - Stables
  6. The Dreaming Gargoyle - Magick Supply Store
  7. Hungry Ticker Clothing - Clothing Store
  8. Ink, Frame, Travel - Map Maker
  9. The Mistledough - Bakery
  10. The Bouncing Flaming Books - Bookstore
Other Key Locations
  1. The Majestic Trunk - Male brothel
  2. The Courageous Melons - Female brothel
  3. Alpha Cabin - Alpha Cabin
  4. Beta Cabin - Beta Cabin
  5. Little Wonders Nursery - Nursery
  6. Amity Medical Clinic - Infirmary
  7. Duel Prairie Inn - Inn
  8. Crystal Moon Orphanage - Orphanage
  9. The Blue Dragon - Tavern
  10. Moonlight Doom - Science Lab


The Alpha runs the pack and regularly call pack meetings to talk things out with the pack, giving directions for how he wants the pack to be run over the course of the next month. The Wolf Council is only allowed to step in if things aren't running smoothly and certain pack rules are on the verge of being broken.   Alphas are announced after an Alpha Heir has reached 16-years of age and met his mate.   The current government of the pack:


The pack has three main organizations:   WINTER PLAINS
The Winter Plains is the head organization of the pack, run by the Alpha and his Luna. They are tasked with keeping the pack's morals lifted while making sure everything within the pack is functioning correctly.   WOLF COUNCIL
The Wolf Council is run by the former Alpha and Luna that have retired. If they die before the current Alpha and Luna have retired, but the council members before them have yet to die, the former council members are tasked with being in charge. They work to keep the Alphas in line.   OATH OF THE MOON WOLVES
A group of pack members who believe the pack the has fallen from their goddess, Moon's path. Rumors have been heard of overthrowing Alpha Lucian if he doesn't get his act together with the war.


Species Population
Werewolf 288,316
Human 50,534
Shapeshifters 43,483
Griffins 12,928
Merfolk 10,578
Total 405,839


The Moonlight Expanse mainly uses Lava Crowns as their currency, but they have been known to practice with haggling and different forms of trade. With the Winter Moon Pack, they try to stay in the now, using only currency for their goods.   While the pack is mostly run on a pack hierarchical order, they do not make much money this way. So, in order to stay afloat, Alpha Fredrick McClain worked hard to come up with a beer for the werewolves to drink and get drunk from during their downtime.   This beverage hit it off during one Wolf Council meeting and the wolves fell in love with the idea of finally being able to drink alcohol without remaining sober due to their high metabolism. The demand for such a drink helped the Winter Moon Pack recover after what damages the war would bring to their region.

Main Resource

Known famously for their rich, yet powerful liquor called Moon Beer, the Winter Moon Pack didn't have much going for them for the first 200 years after the pack was created. Then, Alpha Fredrick decided he wanted to try something different. He took a six and a half gallon bottling bucket with a bottling spigot and another six and a half primary fermenter with a lid, setting them aside in the kitchen while he worked. He even gathered the rest of the supplies for whatever he was working on (cleanser, airlock, siphon and bottling setup, hydrometer, bottlebrush, twin level capper, thermometer, and bucket clip).   Alpha Fredrick was a stubborn wolf who didn't let anyone tell him he couldn't try new things. As he fermented the beverage he was making, he made sure to add sugars derived from malted grains, or malt extract). He also added in brewer's yeast, which consumed the sugar the produce the byproducts of carbon dioxide and alcohol. While yeast eats most sugars, malt sugars are ideal for their chemical components.   Homebrewing the alcohol was made to be as complex as Alpha Fredrick intended to make it as he wanted werewolves to have their first taste of alcohol and finally be able to get drunk. After all the work, he let it ferment for a couple of weeks. When he was ready to test it out on his pack, he did by opening the keg and pouring a glass for those willing to try the new beer.
"Alpha Fredrick, where did you come up with such a decadent drink? I have never seen a group of Alphas take to such a liquid and act like buffoons in front of the Wolf Council," demanded Alpha Dean of the Shadow Lake Pack.   Fredrick giggled, holding out a glass of beer. "Dis drenk iz speceal. Try soom!"   Alpha Dean hesitantly took the glass and stared down at it. "Well, here goes nothing." Holding his breath, he took the first sip and his eyes shot open. He sat there dumbfounded, unsure of what he just drank was as good as the others were saying. But he had to admit this was the first time he felt his body tingling from the alcohol running down his throat and to his belly. "Damn, Alpha Fredrick! I'm impressed. This the best alcohol I have ever drank. I cannot believe you made this..."
— Alphas at a Wolf Council meeting

by AlLes (Pixabay)


Icogh 6th, 1493 EoL - The Pack Rises
The Justice Clan offers to spy on the Moonlight Expanse and Emperor Vlad accepts. A large group of wolves break away from their pack and go south to build their own pack the Moon gives to them. The Moon names Liricus McClain as the Alpha.  
1749 EoL - The Luna Grove
The Luna Grove was discovered by Luna Rebecca as she was running from some rogues. She was later found hiding in a remote grove with a Moon Tree by Beta Zelis, who could not enter the grove just like the rogues. Luna Rebecca's mate, Alpha Uranan was the only one who could enter the grove with her. This was how the place came to be labeled the Luna Grove, where a Luna could go if her life was ever in danger.  
1918-1919 EoL - The Plague
A terrible plague swept through the Winter Moon Pack, killing hundreds of thousands of wolves. It took Alpha Carl McClain's life, which also took the life of Uma McClain, leaving the pack to be taken care by the Beta until Uma and Carl's son, Fredrick was old enough to become Alpha.  
1933 EoL - Discovery Of Moon Beer
Alpha Fredrick discovers the process to make Moon Beer, the very first liquor to get werewolves drunk. It becomes a famous drink among werewolves all across the Moonlight Expanse.  
2006 EoL - Alpha Rider's Death
Former Alpha Rider was kidnapped by vampires in 2006 EoL. A few days after his disappearance, Alpha Heir Jack McClain, found Rider's body, skinned alive with the initials "WS" carved into his muscle.  
Sihm 7th, 2016 - Alpha Heir Jack McClain's Disappearance
Currently, Jack McClain has gone missing. Nobody has any idea of where he could be...

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