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Blood Witch

Despite their humanoid appearance, a blood witch is often quite cold to the touch, just like their ancestors, the vampire. Yet, they are not like a vampire in manners of needing to feed off of blood to survive. Instead, a blood witch has magickal abilities akin to their witch heritage and can control blood. The use of blood magick allows for torturous combat or bouts of healing as a medic.  
With a breath of exhaustion, a petite blood witch dragged the last lifeless griffin onto the edge of a canyon. As her knife skidded across her hand, she quickly placed her bleeding appendage on top of the stack of bodies. The griffin corpses began to sag and wilt as their blood poured forth, hardening like wires. The fibers of blood weaved and bobbed around, as they braided into each other. After a short moment, the blood witch’s bridge was completed, while she walked confidently across the ravine.

Bloodline of the Vampire

With the blood of a vampire running through their veins, a blood witch is often looked down upon by other species, specifically the werewolf. For those who ended up growing up in the presence of werewolves, they have become closed off and try not to anger their neighbors, such as turning to a life of healing. Blood witches are loyal to their heritage and see their ancestors as influencers on how to better their craft and keep their homes safe, while also standing up for what they believe in.  
The sound of blood dripping onto the cold morning pavement echoed across the near empty road, as a decrepit blood witch rolled up his tattered sleeve, revealing a bleeding wrist. The blood around his arm formed into mist as he waved his fingers around, and in an instant, his pursuers fell to the floor riving in agony.
Charismatic Medics
All blood witches are great with being tactical. The higher the nobility, the better education a blood witch receives. If a blood witch is raised as a lower class citizen, they usually end up as a warrior and very rarely get the chance to become a medic. Middle class citizens can go either way, but most also follow the path of a warrior, whereas an upper class citizen takes on the role as diplomat or medic.  

Medics throughout the Universe

On Eskǎvaëís, a blood witch is required to study and be prepared to step out on the battlefield to heal the wounded in a war ever starts. However, those who do not step out on the battlefield are usually found in one of the many medical centres in their home country. For Princess Léhä Tepes, she is not permitted to enter the battlefield, but she has garnered ample hours in the Vol'nische Palace's infirmary, treating any soldiers who become injured or sick.


Earth's blood witches don't have to worry about war, but the knowledge of religious humans taking issue with their magick prevents them from practicing in the open or even in human hospitals. Most blood witches on Earth live in vampiric cities and help take care of the weak, or they get deployed to one of the other paranormal territories in their district to help with illnesses or injuries.

Golden coins scattered across a table as a shady group of humans tossed a bag along with a veil of blood onto it. A seated blood witch woman courteously accepted the bag and tossed her deep brown locks behind her silver-lined robes, as she emptied the red veil onto a carved wooden hand mirror. With a gesture and some words, the mirror revealed the last moments of a fledgling vampire’s life.

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Quick Facts
Genetic Ancestors:
1500 Years
Blood Witch Traits
Blood Witches share certain species traits as a result of their heritage.  
  • Ability Score Increase. Charisma score increases by 2, and two other ability scores of your choice increase by 1.
  • Age. 1 year for every 15 years.
  • Alignment. Any, but Blood Witches tend toward chaotic.
  • Size. Medium
  • Speed. 30 ft.
  • Heightened Awareness. You have adavantage on Perception checks that involve hearing blood flow and smelling when blood has touched the air.
  • Magickal Prowess. At 2nd level, you can cast Blood Blade as a 1st level spell once, and regain this ability with a long rest. At 5th level, you can cast the Bloodletting spell once, and regain this ability with a long rest. Charisma is your spellcasting ability for these traits.
  • Infernal Ancestry. Have advantages on saving throws against being charmed, and magick can't put you to sleep.
  • Skill Versatility. You gain proficiency in two skills of your choice.
  • Languages. Common, Itudean, Tong-iliaean, Minuiantoan, or one Earth language

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Bloodmaster magick draws from the literal blood within the caster’s veins, allowing them to perform crude, almost barbaric spells. While most non-magick users find the Bloodmasters horrifying, those adverse in the arcane arts will generally scoff at the simplicity of their spells. However, unlike their more magickally inclined brothers, a Bloodmaster can cast as many spells a day as they see fit, limited only by their own vitality.
hit dice: 1d8 per Bloodmaster Level
hit points at 1st level: 8 + Your Constitution Modifier
hit points at higher levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Your Constitution modifier per Bloodmaster level after 1st
armor proficiencies: Light armor
weapon proficiencies: Simple weapons, martial ranged weapons
tools: None
saving throws: Constitution, Dexterity
skills: Choose 2 from Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Insight, Medicine, Survival, Perception
starting equipment:
You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • leather armor

  • (a) a quarterstaff or (b) sickle or (c) dagger

  • (a) a hand crossbow with 20 bolts or (b) 15 darts

  • a grimoire with all your known spells

  • a small knife, needle, or some small sharp object

  • an explorer's pack

Spellcasting Ability
Constitution is your spellcasting ability for Blood Magick, since your magick relies on the ability to withstand losing so much blood. You use your Constitution whenever a spell refers to your spellcasting ability. In addition, you use your Constitution modifier when setting the saving throw DC for Blood Spells you cast and when making an attack roll with one.
Spell save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier
Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier

class features:
Blood Magick
Beginning at 1st level, you have gained your first taste of Blood Magick. As your blood trickles down your skin, something changes within you.   As a bonus action, make a small incision on your body with a knife or any sharp object dealing 1 damage to yourself, which cannot be mitigated in any way. The blood that flows from this wound ensures you the right to cast Blood Spells. Blood Magick cannot be used if your hit points are at maximum. The cost of all Blood Magick bypasses temporary Hit Points. The hit point cost cannot be mitigated with the exception of Blood Witch Lord. Lastly, any incoming healing is halved (with the exception of Awakening features), if you have cast a Blood Spell within the last hour.   Blood Magick does not require spell slots but requires you to sacrifice hit points to cast spells. All Blood Magick spells are considered cantrips for the purpose of spell casting. Therefore you may cast multiple spells on your turn.  
Natural Recovery
At 2nd level, your natural recovery adapts to the mistreatment of your own flesh. Gain 1 additional Hit Die, for spending, to your maximum Hit Dice.   At level 6, you gain 1 additional Hit Die and recover an additional 2 hit points per Hit Die spent.   At level 12, you gain 1 additional Hit Die and recover and additional 2 hit points per Hit die spent.   Additionally, by meditating for a minute you may spend hit dice from your hit die pool, up to an amount equal to one plus a fourth of your Blood Witch level, per short rest.  
At 3th level, you discover how to store magickal energy while casting combative spells, within your body. This is known as a Blood Well, and with its power, you undergo an Awakening. You can become a Bloodmaster Blader, a Bloodmaster Commander, or a Bloodmaster Hematologist.  
  • Bloodmaster Blader: Requires a melee weapon with the Light property, and a sheath for it.
  • Bloodmaster Commander: Requires the spell Hold.
  • Bloodmaster Hematologist: Requires a Doctor's Tools
  Your Blood Well fills by casting Combative Spells. This Blood Well feature is used for casting powerful Awakening spells. All your Blood Well points dissipate after a long rest.  
Power Cast
At 5th level, dark secrets whisper to you and you have listened. You learn to become more efficient. More lethal. Your spells hit harder and become stronger. All at the cost of your life’s blood. But you don't care. You want it. You welcome it. All your combative spells gain a special bonus based on your Constitution modifier. These bonuses are explained in the descriptions of combative spells.  
Blood Magick Bond
At 7th level, you offer a part of your body to your dark ambitions. You dismember a small part of your body, like a toe, or an ear, and permanently reduce your maximum hit points by 5, but gain powerful compensation. You gain one of the following Blood Magick bonds. These effects persist so long as you keep your dismembered part with you.  
  • Bond of Body: You gain +1 to your AC, and +3 to your death saving throws.
  • Bond of Mind: You gain +1 to all you skills, and gain advantage on all Constitution saving throws.
  • Bond of Soul: You gain +1 to your magick attack rolls, and +1 to your Spell Save DC.
At 9th level, through study, experimentation, or just dumb luck, you learn how to manipulate blood in ways not done before my manly Blood Witches, as most witches do not survive long enough to learn.   You select one utility Blood Spell and unlock its true potential.   At 13th level, unlock the true potential of another utility Blood Spell.   At 17th level, unlock the true potential of a final utility Blood Spell.  
At 10th level, you learn to use your Blood Well to protect yourself from lethal damage. Upon taking Fatal damage, your Blood Well may absorb damage equal to the amount of blood well points within it, potentially causing you to survive. You must finish a long rest before you can use this ability again.  
At 11th level, you have a deep understanding of power and sacrifice. You understand that the more you sacrifice, the more power you have. There is no blood price too high to pay, if it will bring the annihilation of your enemies. While casting a combative spell, you may sacrifice an additional amount of hit points equal to your Blood Power to increase the damage of that spell by the same amount, to a single target.  
Vitalic Immunity
At 14th level, pushing through the constant pain, which comes from your magick, your body has fully undergone a change to help you survive. You gain resistance to Poison damage and become immune to diseases and the poisoned condition. You can eat rotting or burnt food, consume poisonous berries, fungus, or plants and suffer no negative effects. You are completely resistant to any effects that would reduce your maximum hit points (with the exception of your Blood Magick Bond), or damage your Constitution in any way.  
Coronary Perception
At 15th level, you familiarize yourself with the presence of blood. You can use an action to sense any living creature within it for 50 feet, if it has some form of blood, for one round. You may also gaze into the hearts of creatures, and monitor their heart beat. You can determine if a creature is alive or dead. And finally, by witnessing their heart, lies can no longer fool you. When you roll for a Wisdom (Insight) check, you can instead take a 15 as your roll.  
Bloodmaster Lord
At 20th level, you have complete understanding of Blood Magick. You learn to partially fuel your spells using your very soul. The price of all your Blood Magick spells is reduced by your Constitution modifier.   Having transcended the simple art of Blood Magick, you have now enslaved every cell within your body, and with it, your reality shall be shaped to whatever form you desire. You have become a Bloodmaster Lord.
subclass options:
Bloodmaster Blader
(Requires a melee weapon with the Light property, and a sheath for the weapon.)   A Bloodmaster Blader learns to wreak havoc upon their adversaries in the heat of battle by using their blood-bound weapon. Their weapon can only be unsheathed for a very small period of time before the blood-bond is broken, not that they will need a long time with their blade out. No one knows what an unsheathed Bloodmaster Blader’s weapon looks like, because when it is unsheathed, none survive to tell the tale.  
Starting when you choose this Awakening at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in all melee weapons with the Light property, provided it has some form of sheath. You may choose one melee weapon that fits the Light property, and may perform a ritual on it over the course of 1 hour. This ritual requires a drop of your blood and can be done during a short rest.   After the ritual, you are bound to the weapon. It uses your Constitution modifier for attack rolls, but no ability modifier is used for damage rolls. Your weapon becomes bonded to either the Winds or the Flames. Melee attacks from your blood-bound weapon gain no benefit from Extra Attack. This weapon can only be unsheathed by casting Velvet Armageddon. No one, not even you, can unsheath it otherwise. You may only have one blood bound weapon at a time.  
At 6th level, you become proficient with all martial melee weapons, excluding those with the heavy property. You may bind them to you, provided they have a sheath.   You also gain two powerful weapon styles that may be used when you use the attack action.
  • Sanguine Sweep: Make a melee attack roll against 2 separate creatures (or 3 if your blood well was full). You may move at half your speed without triggering attacks of opportunity.
  • Red Storm Rend: Your weapon gains the reach property and +2 to its attack roll (or +3 if your blood well was full). Your walking speed is doubled for the round.
At 12th level, whenever the Determination feature were to activate, you can opt to cast Velvet Armageddon as a reaction action instead.  
At 18th level, if you killed a creature while your weapon was unsheathed, you may use your reaction action to move up to 15 feet and attack one creature.
  Bloodmaster Commander
(Requires knowledge of the spell, Hold.)   The Bloodmaster Commanders excel at controlling the tide of a hostile situation. They learn to move blood within a creature to their whim, as though they were puppets. More skilled Bloodmaster Commanders can infiltrate and destroy an entire kingdom by themselves and are highly sought after, to deliver them justice, or ask for their service.  
Starting when you choose this Awakening at 3rd level, you learn to control the fluids within a creature’s body, granting you the spell Possess. Your Hold spell can also be used on plants or any water-based creature, and can be sustained indefinitely. Additionally, you are given the option to not damage a creature with Hold. You also learn the spell Possess and may cast it on any Held creature.  
At 6th level, your knowledge of influencing others via blood is perfected. Your Possessed creature no longer acts unnaturally and is extremely difficult to discern that it is being controlled, requiring a successful insight or investigation check against your Spell DC to detect any abnormalities. As such, this creature gains advantage on its first attack against other creatures that are not currently hostile towards it.  
At 12th level, you begin to understand how to use your own blood to influence things that may not even have blood or fluid. Your Hold and Possess spell now works on any creature, or construct.  
At 18th level, your Possessed creature or object no longer loses temporary hit points over time. Using one Action, you may spend Blood Well points equal to your Blood Power to command your Thrall to cast a Blood Magick spell that you know. The Trall will use its hit points, which bypass its temporary hit points, to cast the spell using your Magick Attack, Magick DC, Blood Power, and Blood Witch level. Your Thrall cannot cast Possess.
  Bloodmaster Hematologist
Unlike like other blood hunters who gain their powers through their esoteric bloodlines and connections to higher beings, you gain yours through knowledge. You have studied the ins and outs of all kinds of creatures and are in a constant search for more. Your study of bodies has led you to the understanding of how they work and your knowledge has granted you the ability to heal using such practices.  
3rd-level Order of Hematology feature   Starting when you choose this order, you gain the following benefits.
  • Proficiency in the Medicine skill or Doctor's Tools
  • Resistance against necrotic damage (that is not from a self-inflicted source; i.e. Crimson Rite, Amplified Blood Maledict, etc.)
  • If you examine a creature's body for 1 hour or more, you gain advantage on any further checks to medically examine another creature of the same species.
3rd-level Order of Hematology feature   You gain the ability to heal creatures through the power of blood transfusions. As an action, you can use your own blood to heal a creature. Touch a creature and take necrotic damage equal to one roll of your hemocraft die. The target receives hit points equal to one roll of your hemocraft die + your hemocraft modifier. This feature has no effect on a creature without blood.   Your healing increases by 1 die when you gain certain levels in this class (2 die at 7th level, 3 die at 11th level, and 4 die at 18th level).   You may use this feature equal to your proficiency bonus and regain all uses once you complete a short or long rest.  
7th-level Order of Hematology feature   As an action, you can magically link yourself to a creature within 30 feet of you for 1 hour. This boon lasts until you dismiss it as a bonus action, ever become more than 1 mile away from your boon, or either of you fall unconscious.   For the duration, you gain the following benefits.
  • You always know the exact location of your boon.
  • Whenever you or your boon to takes damage, you may split the damage (no action required), each taking half damage.
  • When you use use your Crimson Remedy feature, your boon regains half of the hit points you restored using the feature.
  • Once you use this feature, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.
11th-level Order of Hematology feature   You learn how to transfuse blood with another creature, ridding it of disease and ailments. Touch a creature that has blood. As an action, you can lower the creature's exhaustion level by one or end one of the following conditions afflicting the creature: blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.   You may use this feature once and you regain the use after you complete a short or long rest.  
15th-level Order of Hematology feature   You sharpen your hemocraft to infect your enemies from the inside out. You gain the Blood Curse of Infection for your Blood Maledict feature. This doesn’t count against your number of blood curses known.   When a creature you can see within 30 feet of you gets hit with a ranged attack or melee attack, you can use your reaction to infect the wound. The target must make a Constitution saving throw. On fail, the target becomes poisoned and takes additional necrotic damage from all attacks until the end of your next turn equal to one roll of your hemocraft die.   Amplify. This curse lasts for 1 minute. The cursed creature can make a Constitution saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the curse on itself on a success.  
18th-level Order of Hematology feature   Your blood becomes a pool of life for another creature to draw on. Once per long rest, you can imbue your blood with magical life and transfuse it into another creature.   As an action, touch a creature that has blood. You take necrotic damage equal to one roll of your hemocraft die. For the next 8 hours, if the target is to ever drop below half of its maximum hit points, it regains hit points at the start of each of its turns equal to 5 + your hemocraft modifier. This feature ends early if the target finishes a long rest.
LevelProficiency BonusFeaturesBlood PowerBlood Well MaxSpells Known
1st+2Blood Magick1--1
2nd+2Natural Recovery1--2
3rd+2Awakening Path2103
4th+2Ability Score Improvement2104
5th+3Power Cast3154
6th+3Awakening Feature3155
7th+3Blood Magick Bond4205
8th+3Ability Score Improvement4206
9th+4Bloodcraft (1 spell)5256
12th+4Ability Score Improvement, Awakening Feature6307
13th+5Bloodcraft (2 spells)7357
14th+5Vitalic Immunity7358
15th+5Coronary Perception8408
16th+5Ability Score Improvement8408
17th+6Bloodcraft (3 spells)9458
18th+6Awakening Feature9458
19th+6Ability Score Improvement10508
20th+6Witch Lord10508


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