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Bound Series
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Austïn Lén King

TW: Sexual Assault, Abuse, Trauma, Depression, Pregnancy, Death, Childbirth, Miscarriage
Considered to be the youngest Personal Omega in all of the Winter Moon Pack's history, Austïn Lén King is a dutiful, caring werewolf with a huge heart. He constantly puts others before him as well as looking after any pup that crosses his path. Everything he does is for the good of the pack and even though he's one of the lowest ranks and treated like the scum of the world for being that rank, Austïn still sees the good in his pack members.

Kěith Cheonsa: "So you're Austïn?"

  Kěith asked, brushing a strand of his hair from his eyes. He had heard the stories about him from Jack, but he couldn't believe it. Austïn didn't seem like a bad person. Perhaps Jack did not know the real Austïn and simply chose to view him in a bad light instead of giving him a chance to prove him.

Austïn Lén King: "Yup. 'N I'm sure ya know what I do 'round here."

  Kěith nodded. He pointed at Alpha Lucian and let out a shaky breath.

Kěith Cheonsa: "You work for the Alpha. What's he like?"


Austïn Lén King: "Oh, Luci? He's perfect. Nobody can compare to him."

  Austïn responded, his eyes lighting up.
  Once again, Kěith nodded. Lucian was his mate's dad, the Alpha of the pack. Perfect or not, Kěith had to remember his place. Glancing at Austïn, he spotted the Personal Omega peering at Jack, who was talking to his dad.

Kěith Cheonsa: "I take it your relation with Jack is strained?"

  Austïn paused. He tilted his head.

Austïn Lén King: "What do ya mean? Jack 'n I are great friends."

  He asked, voice wavering as he tried to smile, which merely looked like a crooked grin of a murderer.
— Kěith and Austïn talking
Blood Bound, Bound Series book 2 scene snippet


Inner Wolf

by Tohoe (Unsplash)

Upon his third birthday, Austïn would come to learn that his inner wolf's name is Blóm, and he would only tell the pack his inner wolf's name on his third birthday due to the pack tradition called Gaining an Inner Wolf.
  Blóm is a gorgeous wolf with a tender heart. Even with his facial markings giving him a fierce look, Blóm is the type of wolf that can't bring himself to harm others. The mere sight of blood makes him sick. Yet, he loves the idea of hunting as his best trait is his sense of smell.



He is known to be a sensitive soul, and while he doesn't speak much (such as slipping into his introverted self), he is a
fantastic listener, and a shy person who is overly worried. He can be overly analytical, practical, and hardworking, but his kindness and loyalty helps convince others he's not a lost cause. Though this can lead to many questions as to why he serves the Alpha as a Personal Omega.
  All work and no play can be one of Austïn's negative qualities since he was never granted a proper childhood. Work has been the only way he knows how to get through things. Yet, he has started to open up after witnessing Jack McClain's birth, which only reminds him of the sad downfall of an Omega not being allowed to have pups until they have met their mate, who must be a higher rank than an Omega. He can be overly critical on himself and on others when it comes to how his work place is or even things must look when it comes to how Alpha Lucian McClain wants documents and other papers to be filed or written.
  When he goes into his mental breakdowns, Austïn grows aggressive, retreating into himself and letting out a feral version of his wolf to protect himself. During these periods, only two things can calm him down: tranquilizing him or Alpha Lucian being by his side; the very scent of Alpha Lucian is one of the few things that can relax him when he reaches this state.


by Tohoe (Unsplash)
As a child, he was abused by his father, Guðþór and never treated as his child due to his beliefs and other such traits. Whenever Guðþór had the chance, he would toss Austïn at Berric Zayne, who would then proceed to violate Austïn, leaving the young pup confused and unsure of who he was. The main reason Austïn never made complaints about Berric was that he believed if he did as Berric wanted, perhaps his father would finally grow to care for him.
  Nobody ever pointed it out why Austïn's scent was mixed with another male wolf's scent, yet Austïn was easily abused by the other pups in the nursery. Not even Alpha Rider McClain would question it, believing that the pup was not his concern since nobody else minded. This led to Austïn having an emotional breakdown at the tender age of ten-years-old. The breakdown left Austïn with a self-conscious mind that easily freaked out around others if they accidentally touched him in a way that reminded him of Berric. Eventually, this would be one of the reasons Alpha Rider chose to make him an Omega.


Austïn is gay and he's known that since he was little, but because of his family, he had to supress who he was. This led to some problems as he got older. Other than this, Austïn has not had any romantic relationships... Well, he did have semi-relationship with Kōri, the former Beta of Alpha Barachiel Croix, but this didn't last and Austïn returned to the Winter Moon Pack.


While his current job is as a Personal Omega, he originally started out as a male Omega in the Majestic Trunk, which was the most horrific thing he could have ever gone through. This brothel house forced him to sleep with any male that entered his room and he would have to please them unless he wanted to face a "punishment." Although, it did let him meet Alpha Lucian and then he was taken from the brothel and made Alpha Lucian's Personal Omega.

Mental characteristics

Table of Contents

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Quick Facts
Neutral Good
Pack Rank:
Birth Date:
Sihm 23rd
Birth Year:
1984 EoL 32 Years Old
Home Town:
Cis Male
Dark navy blue that fades to gray when in the moonlight
Skin Tone:
Soft Beige with Pink Undertones
Fur Tone:
Black face and chest markings, and black
Golden face and leg markings
White face markings, and white underbelly
5'9" (175.26 cm)
Other Notes
Guðþór King (father)
Jóra King (mother, deceased)
Inner Wolf:
Berric Zayne (claims to be, deceased)
Unknown true mate (unknown status)
Brad King (son)
Clovis (son)
Einar (son)
Eris (daughter)
Ilona (daughter)
Irving (son)
Klyn (son)
Osric (son)
Relomia (daughter)
Tetra (daughter)
Unnamed Child (son)
Welch (son)
Affiliated Organization, Primary:
Affiliated Organizations, Secondary:
Moonlight Expanse
The Blue Desert Region (formerly)
Speech Patterns:
Slight southern accent.
by Tohoe (Unsplash)


When it comes to cooking, Austïn is a beast. Nobody dares to compare to him and Lucian would practically die for Austïn's homemade cooking, whether that be his pies, casseroles, burgers, steaks, fish or chicken filets, or any other dish you can think of. The moment he meets Kěith Cheonsa, that might change as cooking duels will probably be extremely common in the Winter Moon Pack Alpha Cabin!  


Austïn was born on Sihm 22nd, 1985 EoL as Austïn (Aust-een; great) Lén (Yen; domain) King to Guðþór and Jóra King. Austïn's parents are considered to some of the worst. His father, Guðþór, was abusive as all Hel. In truth, he never wanted children and definitely hated being within twenty feet of a random pup, but his mate desired one. Thus, Austïn was born and Guðþór was disgusted with having to take care of a "crotch gremlin." While Jóra King, his mother, had a timid side to her, she was similar to her mate in many ways. Though, she died when Austïn was very little, which only fueled his father's rage toward him.   Austïn remained a quiet child throughout his early years, especially when the time he could talk to when his mother died around the time he was three-years-old. When Jóra was still alive, Guðþór would normally abuse his son while she wasn't around. Although, the abuse turned darker after her passing. Austïn never mentioned the abuse his father would instill upon him, believing that all fathers treated their sons like that.   Once Austïn reached five-years-old, Guðþór didn't want to bother taking care of Austïn and threw his son Berric Zayne, Guðþór's best friend. During these moments in time, Guðþór would tell his son to do what Berric wanted, no matter how disturbing it was. This would eventuall cause Austïn to have a mental breakdown when he was little.   Around eight-years-old, various pack members started giving Austïn the same abuse his father gave to him. The kids loved making fun of him because of his scent having changed due to being around Berric. At the tender age of ten years, Austïn had his first mental breakdown. This breakdown would be the first of many that causes him to second-guess everything in his life, whether that be relationships or friendships.   When he was twelve-years-old, Austïn overheard his father threatening Alpha Rider into into making Austïn an Omega for the brothel house. He doesn't know what caused his father to do such a thing or even the full reason behind the threat, but Austïn does have knowledge of it relating to Lucian. Shortly after Alpha Rider was threatened is when Lucian was made Alpha.
by Amelia Nite (Hero Forge)
  Austïn was made an Omega on his thirteenth birthday by former Alpha Rider as Alpha Lucian was away on some business and wouldn't be back in time for the ceremony, and Austïn was quickly brought to the male Omega brothel house, where he was forced to sleep with any male that entered the room he stayed in. Berric took advantage of the situation and used it to freely rut Austïn without consequence if caught. During the course of this year, Austïn managed to birth a total of ten pups, all whom he never got to meet as they were taken from him a few minutes after birth.   At the age of fourteen years, Austïn was used to sleeping with any male he saw in his room, even if there were six of them in there. So, after having protected copulation with someone, he was confronted by Alpha Lucian, who proceeded to frightened and injury the male that was in the room. Right after that, Alpha Lucian took Austïn back to the Alpha Cabin and made him his Personal Omega.   Roughly, one month after being made Alpha Lucian's Personal Omega, Austïn learns that he's carrying another pup. He doesn't know who the father is, but he does want to keep this pup as his own. Sadly, the pup was taken from him before he even got to see the pup's face and told that it was stillborn. All he knows is that he had a son and around the same time, Luna Suna McClain gave birth to her son, Jack.   Another month goes by and Berric shows up at the Alpha Cabin, pressuring Austïn into sleeping with him again. Thankfully, Alpha Lucian sense this was was going on and managed to rescue Austïn from the rapist. Unfortunately, Alpha Lucian was a little late and Austïn was pupped once again. The Alpha killed Berric, releasing Austïn from his traumatic past. However, Austïn still has a ton of trauma still weighing heavily on his shoulders.   Once Austïn birthed his latest pup, Brad King, his pup was taken from him again and Austïn was told that this child died as well, but not before receiving harsher news that he was now unable to produce anymore children due to the fear of death. This sent Austïn into a depression that left him wondering why he was given the ability to have pups in the first place if he wasn't allowed to raise any of them. No one was able to pull him out of this stupor.   At eighteen years of age, Austïn sees Jack get his inner wolf and is proud of him, but misses being able to celebrate properly with the child due to their rank differences. Austïn also grows overattached to Alpha Lucian when the Wolf Council tries to pressure Alpha Lucian in having another set of pups. This is mainly because Austïn doesn't agree with this and he feels that Alpha Lucian should have pups if he wants to. Alpha Lucian refuses to have anymore pups since Jack is the only child he needs.   Around the time Austïn was twenty-two, he was learning how to cook in new styles thanks to Lucian defending Austïn's desire to cook. He had already mastered many culinary arts, but he what he really wanted was to understand the ways of the Minuiantoan and Tong-ilian type of cooking. At one point, he got the chance to make a Minuiantoan and made a meal of spit-roasted boar liver with a side of diced chicory, plectranthus, and snowberries. It was served with moon beer and honeybread with butter.   Nothing much happened over the course of the next eight years, but when Austïn was thirty-years-old, he ended up getting into an altercation with a neurotic pickpocket, who convinced him to help deal with the gang of merfolk on his tail. Austïn was left with a harsh choice, leading him to hide the pickpocket long enough for the merfolk to pass through the pack and the pickpocket went on his merry way. However, Austïn was surprised when he spotted a necklace painted burnt orange with charms showing a crescent moon and a compass rose inverted, a recurved bow and letters, a flute and a quarter moon, and a bird and a unicorn. This necklace was located on his bed with a letter expressing thanks from the pickpockter. This pickpockter also mentioned how Austïn needs to have faith in his mate and to never give up hope. To what this exactly means is questionable.   Currently, at the age of thirty-two, Austïn is worried sick as Alpha Heir Jack has been captured by a bunch vampires and nobody knows what has happened to him. Austïn is mainly concerned with how Alpha Lucian and the pack is taking this, and this concern has caused Austïn to grow and need constant bedrest until news of Alpha Heir Jack can be revealed.  

Austïn's Relationships

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