Hæmofiltration is a new type of blood magic-assisted medical therapy based on a theoretical capability of blood magic thought largely impractical for most of Dominion history. The theoretical framework for its practical application was conceived of and first presented to the Grand Rookery in 349.30 NL by a team of doctoral candidates at the Qesrir Student Research Clinic. The first successful treatment was carried out in 350.30 NL, just a few months later, during the Season of Growing.   Though blood magic has been studied extensively, the fundamental principles on which it works are yet to be fully determined. There is, however, an extensive body of knowledge demonstrating that blood magic is unparalleled when it comes to performing tasks that require high degrees of precision and accuracy on small scales. It was for this reason that early Dominion scientists theorized that it may be possible to create a form of blood magic capable of picking out the impurities and toxins in a person's blood particle by particle.   Due to the sheer complexity of the task, however, the technique was deemed impractical for wider use and would not be revisited until much later. The key insight that led to the creation of a pragmatic framework for haemofiltration was the realization that blood transfusion could simplify the work. This is done by transfusing fresh blood into the patient while removing contaminated blood from their body into a vessel where a Fane could more easily extract toxins and impurities.


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