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Qesrir Student Research Clinic

The Qesrir Student Research Clinic (ARV: Al Ahqamah Hifkan, lit: The Healing-House of Young Wisdom) is an affiliate institution to the Al Zeresh Academy's Qesrir Chapter. First established in 339.30 NL, the clinic received a charter to operate as a medical learning facility just a few months later in 340.30 NL and has been in operation since.   Though the clinic is staffed primarily by local students of medicine from Qesrir and the surrounding townships and villages, a small but stable proportion of staff members come from further afield. Talent from all over the Pāll-tanír, and on occasion, even from beyond, are attracted to the institution because of its affiliation with the Al Zeresh Academy as well as its sterling reputation for being at the forefront of modern medicine.   This external interest is partly driven by the Al Zeresh' Academy's "Frontier Medicine" program, which purports to prepare its graduates with the skills and expertise needed to deal with novel pathogens that might arise from remote locales like the Sharan Peninsula, among others. Many of the external enrollees to the Qesrir Student Research Clinic come from Madras, where the local Al Zeresh Academy chapter offers the institution as one of the potential destinations for the program's practicum requirement.


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