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Alyris is such a new invention it is barely being used even in Mengdul, in essence, it is a liquid that is able to permeate the body and stimulates the body to regenerate itself. The injured person must be immersed in the liquid for the duration of the recovery but it can greatly aid even the direst of injuries if the victim is immersed quickly enough. When combined with a magic item that provides food, water, and air requirements to the victim they can stay in the Alyris tank until they are fully recovered, which is done at twice the normal rate, but stabilizes anyone instantly once the wound is covered by the liquid.


Alyris can be used by covering the wound with the liquid, the most effective use is a large tank that can hold the wounded person. It can be put onto smaller wounds as needed, but this is generally done just to stop rapid bleeding that would otherwise lead to death.


The process is an alchemical one that requires a very fine touch, too much or too little of any ingredient can ruin the entire batch. As for the actual ingredients they have become a very closely guarded secret, with even the inventor suddenly disappearing along with their notes and equipment. Some believe that either the government of the Falsoree relocated him, or a more nefarious element kidnapped him and is forcing him to produce Alyris for them to sell at a huge markup, those same people believe it is far easier to make than is let on.
Access & Availability
Large amounts of Alyris are not available outside of Mengdul, it is a greatly desired invention but creating enough to meet the demand is still difficult, Small amounts are able to send out though a gallon of Alyris is very expensive but very valuable as Alyris tanks only need to be refilled based on what is consumed by the body to heal and when the person leaves the tank.
It is difficult to produce Alyris as it is not just the basic materials of a potion, there is a special microbe that formed during the alchemical process that is the true power of Alyris, this microbe while largely unknown by even its creator is able to meld with, thus far any creature and begin rebuilding damaged tissue, bone, and organs but It only works with organic matter.
Alyris was discovered as a result of trying to make healing potions easier to produce, while Alyris is on some level the opposite direction given that it is difficult to mass-produce but is in many ways more effective. The Falsoree who discovered it is Daltoirs Selzeer a Falsoree alchemist.

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