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Luminous Limited Limbs

Luminous Limited is proud to announce the official rollout of a modern day medical miracle!   Ever since The Death of Magic those who have lost a limb or found themselves with diminished capacity in their existing limbs are unable to rely on Clerical magic. We are happy to present a modern solution to an age old problem. Our skilled technicians are proud to offer a range of limbs to replace your missing, damaged, or simply boring extremities.   Available now in all shapes and sizes; you can rest assured that each limb is lovingly crafted from the finest components by an artisan expertly trained in their art. Decades of research have poured into these offerings, and whether you are looking to get some mobility back into your life or add a little extra oomph into your everyday routine, we have you covered.  

Advantages of Luminous Limbs

  1. Durable Construction - From the patented Synthetic Skin to the finely tuned inner workings, each Luminous Limb is made from the highest quality raw materials.
  2. Expertly Manufactured - Our Technicians are experts in their field and have devoted their lives to building a better world, one machine at a time. Each limb is hand-crafted at our state of the art facilities and brought to you wherever your needs arise.
  3. Quality Guarantee - Every Luminous Limb comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee. If you find that your new limbs are not performing to your satisfaction please contact us and we will do our best to ensure a happy resolution for all parties involved.

Optional Upgrades

  While every Luminous Limb is amazing on its own, we offer a variety of unique improvements which the user might find improves their experience:  
  1. Enhanced Reach - Have you ever wanted to reach items on high shelved without standing on a ladder or footstool? Our patented Joint-Extender system can allow this dream to become reality.
  2. Adamant Coating - This incredibly durable finish will ensure your new limbs will stand out in a crowd. Available in Matte or Glossy finish, this woundrous alloy will ensure that your new limbs will last for the rest of your life, and beyond!
  3. Secret Compartments - Concealed compartments can be their own kinds of magic. Out with your date, and a sudden downpour emerges? Make their day by producing an umbrella they had no idea you were carrying! Being assaulted by ruffians on the way to work? Produce a defensive weapon and make them regret ever appproaching you.
  4. Superior Strength - If you have ever felt the desire to wield the strength of ten Girallons, these extra-powerful limbs can bring more power to your fingertips.
  5. Otherworldly Finesse - If you have ever tried to learn a new musical instrument and found your natural digits lacking in dexterity, the fine motor control offered with this upgrade will allow the most minute of details to be in your control.
  If you or a loved one needs or wants some new limbs in your life, reach out to Luminous Limited today.   Luminous Limited: Making the world a brighter place.

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