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Venous ByPass Procedure


"This history of the Realm shows that that innovation and creativity have always been supported and nurtured by Her Will. One of the greatest gifts of order is the freedom and safety to explore, to create, to surpass."
Termank "The Blue"
In the year 25,853Rs Termank "The Blue" after years of study released his research on a process that would save thousands lives and hundreds of thousands of livelihoods. This process is the Venous ByPass Procedure (VBP).
Termank was a medical practioner for the Citadel of Noor'Umorn. The harsh conditions of Aut'tep'ko often left non-Orc citizens injured. These injuries occurred at work, during daily activities, or just through unfortunate happenstance. He noted after years of study, that such injuries reduced the overall economic output of the city of Noor'Urmon by some 1.7% plus or minus 0.04%.
Many of the deaths occurred due to blood loss, and other issues regarding a failed or damaged circulatory system. This inspired him investigate methods to repair these injuries.
He discovered that the vines of appropriate fish, a mix of chemical substances, and surgical skill could completely replace or patch a patient's injured circulatory system. These saved lives, limbs, and allowed many to continue working productively living good lives.

Over the years, the procedure has become commonly known. Many are skilled in its practice and the chemicals, now easily available, along with the venous replacements, make VBP an accessible treatment for many.


This practice is used to prevent loss of limb and negative health outcomes due to damaged or degraded circulatory systems. 

For a time there was a group of divergent medical practitioners who would violate statues and local civil law by creating venous shunts that would allow a person to directly inject substances into their circulatory system.
This practice as highly sought by the more divergent elements of Realm. It allowed creative uses of a person's circulatory system.


Due to the need of this procedure for various diameters of fish veins the fisheries of the Circle Sea and Southern Outer Ocean all contribute significantly to providing the needed variety. This has created a complex economic system of fish by-product distribution. Every part of the fish is used, and serendipitously many other innovations have developed due to the wise and frugal approach to environmental industry that the Devouring Mother's Statues require.
Access & Availability
This procedure is available at every capital and most major cities of the Realm. Private medical professional will charge fees within the accepted range for their community, and the Brotherhood will provide this procedure for fees or equivalently negotiated favours.
This procedure is complex. Best results are achieved by trained professional medical practitioners and prepared medical facilities. The theory of this practice is generally known, but few have the skill or the tools to complete this surgery successfully without negative impacts to the patient.

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