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Soulforged Prosthetics

While I encourage those with missing limbs and organs to take full advantage of modern magitech, I'm less enthusiastic about those who maim themselves for "the upgrade."
I wouldn't be alive if it weren't for some soulforged bits in me chest! We have soldiers on the Pit Wall that thank Ar-Tamak for the hex crystals and magitech parts that keep them going!

Like many other worlds, the mortal people of Erathia have used prosthetic limbs to replace body parts taken by injury or missing at birth. These included everything from carved wooden replacements to complex clockwork devices, expensive fully functional magical limbs, and regeneration with divine magic. Unfortunately, anything except a simple wooden leg or a cheap metal arm was more expensive than most people could afford.

The Marvels of Modern Magitech

With the advent of magitechnology affordable prosthetics are in the reach of most citizens of the Zone and the Sovranty. Actual soulforged commonly take on jobs that are dangerous for flesh-based mortals. Their limbs and some of their organs are modular and can be taken on or off easily. There's always a replacement handy as long as their chassis and head remain undamaged.

Soulforged factories in Magus Valley and Amaston manufacture extra parts for the soulforged in their magitech factories. They've expanded production so that there's a surplus for other mortals who want them and can afford them.

The problem of a power source and control mechanism has been solved by the proliferation of ident-a-hedrons in the Zone and Sovranty. The prosthetics are powered by the small hex crystals that everyone in the Zone is required to carry. The hedrons also connect to the bearer's soul, allowing for prosthetics to fully connect to their owner.

Soulforged limbs allow their wearer to feel sensations as if they were their own skin. Soulforged eyes and ears are not cosmetic, they really see and hear. Best of all, they are relatively affordable even for middle-class residents of the Zone and Sovranty.

Sir Persivall Half-Forged

A knight of the Order of Light, Sir Persivall works on the Cavaliers of Light Tourney Train and doubles as an exhibit in the "Wonders of the Zone".

Xeno, Avatar of Malfador
Xeno, Avatar of Malfador by Chris L - Heroforge

The hell god Malfador possessed Xeno, creating the first avatar since the Withdrawal.

Soulforged Upgrades

Wealthy soulforged and some other fleshy mortals can pay for much more expensive limbs and organs that don't just replace ordinary functioning. Arms with weapons implanted in them, eyes that include far seeing, and even magitech wings are available for those that can pay.

Actually replacing body parts when it's not necessary is frowned upon. However, some post-mortal cults see the replacement of their flesh as a path to the divine. They see the rise of Malfador, the new god with soulforged parts, as a sign of a new age.

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Jul 13, 2021 13:49 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

All those soulforged technologies are really fascinating :D It's really a great source of energy and the connection with the owner of the soul allows for lots of interesting possibilities! I'm still suspicious of it though :p

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Jul 13, 2021 14:11 by Chris L

The hex crystal ident-a-hedron stuff is my favorite stuff to come from last year. It kinda forced me to make a technology out of it. My players literally have entire hedron conversations with NPC's on our Discord. It's become SUCH a good roleplaying tool for us.

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