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The Entirely Legal and Completely Permissible Practice of the Blood Mage

"By decree of the King the workings of this Mage in the practice of all aspects of Blood Magic are permitted. Any who attempt to replicate her research or explore further in the workings of Blood Magic will be considered traitors to the crown and executed". -Declaration on behalf of the King   "With permission from the King the Lady Mage is able to practice her craft in her place of work. After several incidents she has been given full permission to defend herself and her home from civilian attackers with no legal consequences. If any person wishes to register an accusation of unlawful behavior against her please file a report with the Head of Crown Security, he will investigate all claims. If any citizen is discovered trying to solve the problems themselves they will be arrested." - Head of Crown Security    

The History of Blood Magic

  Blood magic is the practice of magic through use of blood and bodily sacrifices. As such with the nature of the casting ability blood magic, and in relation blood mages, are unlawful and immoral. The focus of these magic users are often the sacrifice or suffering of others to reach their own personal goals, whether it be power, immortality, or another unseen goal. While the merits of blood magic as a helpful study in medicine has always been acknowledged the cost of such benefits were always too great, as evidence in the past by the Massacre of the Second Borns and Red River incidents. It was also found the practice of blood magic has a rather tainting effect, whether it is the practice of magic seems to only attract nefarious characters or that no person may stay good when the suffering of other leads to your own benefit, a blood mage must never be trusted to be morally good. Blood magic was completely banned when the Holy Empire took power over the region, and after its collapse and reformation no one thought to revoke the ban.  

The Exception

  During the rise of the new kingdom a blood mage was discovered in a deserted region, she was promptly killed and her notes and spell book discarded. Three young children were found in her possession and it is believed they were being groomed as sacrifices in a ritual to take place during the Celestial Rest. The Kingdom took custody of these children and when the eldest girl grew to be Twenty-Five she revealed to the crown she remembered basic rituals and abilities from her childhood. She beseeched the crown to allow her to research blood magic and the king, looking to build the kingdoms power and reputation by any means soon agreed. After numerous arguments she was granted full legality to practice with a few stipulations.  

The Law

  The Blood Mage is allowed to practice Blood Magic so long as she follows specific rules:
  • All blood and bodily sacrifice must be willingly given. If any such material is ever taken without permission the Blood Mage shall be put to death.
  • A tower outside of the town has been provided for research. If at any point the Blood Mage conducts research outside of this tower she shall be put to death. Addendum: "She is allowed to cast spells wherever she wishes so long as it an approved spell by the Crowns Mage"
  • - The Blood Mage is subject to weekly inspection of her tower and research by the Crown Guard and Mage. If the Blood Mage does not abide by and cooperate with this search she shall be put to death
  • The Blood Mage shall harm no person kingdom citizen or otherwise. It will be seen as a breaking of the first law and will be punished as such. Addendum: "The people are not happy she is here. There have been several attacks and someone even tried to set the tower on fire. She has been granted the ability to defend herself in times of crisis but death of the attacker should be avoided if possible. If defense results in death she is not allowed to take from the body for research"
  • - If the Blood Mage conducts in criminal activity, magical or otherwise, she will be arrested and, depending on the severity of the crime, either executed or banned from practicing her blood magic. Addendum: "This is almost as bad as the attacks. Citizens are hurling accusations left and right, some of them actively contradicting one another. The Guard don't have the time to look into them everyday without neglecting other duties. Head of Crown Security has taken it upon himself to add a questioning routine to the weekly inspection of the castle. All complaints this point forward shall be written, if she can provide a responsible defense to each accusation they will be dismissed, if not we will follow up on them." - The Blood Mage will have no contact with the royal family without being cleared by the Crown Mage first.  

    Medical Research

      Blood Magic has proven extremely beneficial in a medical capacity. Several illness that run rampant through the farming and peasant communities have been quelled. She has also found ways to improve the general health of people using the blood from healthy individuals, she merely refers to this act as a "transference." She has been unable to cure more severe illnesses but most of her treatments seems to improve the symptoms of this afflicted. Even those infected with deadlier diseases she has found ways to improve their ability to outlast the disease. Consulting with local alchemists she has been able to create "improved healing potion" that allow for better recovery. This has lead to an increase in the amount of visitors the kingdom receives. These medical treatments have improved many lives in the kingdom so far.   "This is what I can do with the rules you've given me. It great improvement, yes, but the potential for so much more is there! You want to see diseases wiped out or deadly diseases cured? You want to your people to live longer than in any other kingdom? You want your child cured? Start mandating that all the Crown Guard provide me monthly donations. Require all who fall ill to come in and give me a sample. I can do it all, I know it... but I need more blood!

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