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flash training

The year is


and by the


of our

Imperial Lord and Master

we of the Tapani Imperium have survived
not One, but



Civil Wars

The weight of Noble Destiny now falls upon us

The Peace Generation

to lift up the banners of our Vor House





Design the Path Forward

where All of the Galaxy will follow!

But -- my father trained for this every day! I can't just step into his boots! I don't know how!
— earnest, sincere, limpid-eyed High Vor twenty-something lad
Among the many tragedies of the War Decade, some might say the long-term disruption faced by our venerable Institutes of Knowledge is a minor side issue
{image of Reena University, its buildings dusty, its windows and doors covered by anti-bombardment shutters}
{image of Mrlsst Planetary University, its lanes full of Galactic Empire Stormtroopers, as blaster fire from an orbiting Imperial Star Destroyer streaks down to execute Professor Emile Vorkerellin at Darth Feyd's command}
It's not just!
How am I supposed to serve my vassals?
All those years when I would have been studying basic ecological engineering, I was hiding out on a qiraadish farm!
— distraught, artfully disheveled High Vor twenty-something lass
gazing at the camera over a jumbled pile of tarnished data crystals next to her datapad

Despair not!

To meet the urgent needs of our discerning Future Leaders

now offers

Flash Learning Programs

of the skillsets our ancestors intended to pass on!
Building on the slower, much-revered learning plans of the

Orange Catholic

with Today's Most Advanced Technology
You, too, can learn as swiftly as a Mentat
as surely as a Bene Gesserit
but in a fragment of the classic time-load!
I'm ready to serve my Count as his Voice!
— impeccably groomed High Vor twenty-something lad
with a full head of lustrous hair
and his shirt sleeves rolled up to show excellent muscle definition

Catch Up

to the


Contact your Tleilaxu Biodyne, Ltd scheduling office today!


Author's Notes

This medical procedure has not been reviewed by the Ministry of Health.
No claim is made that this procedure can treat any existing neurological complications.
This process is available only to Vor clients legally between their age of eligibility for oath-making and their age of full adulthood. Guardian or Liege consent may be required.
Client accepts all responsibility for disqualification from service in Imperium Military Service due to the "elective neuropathic enhancement" restriction.
Individuals with inherent allergies to fast-penta , puzzleflower juice, or bantha weed may experience adverse side-effects this procedure. Some side-effects may be severe.

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