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Heartfire Restoration (HART-fyer RESS-toe-ray-shun)

The Oroka, fractured by the Heartfire Burn that resulted from Kethenica's Gambit, have long sought a way to recover their lost cousins, the Heartfire Oroka.     Once the tribes settled into their new regions, shamans and Orokan wizards began working for a cure, which has thus far eluded them. In the fall of 1592, a Wyld Oroka sage named Tuntanog, under residency at the University of Ubressa, discovered a treatment that began to reverse the effects of the Burn. Using Heartfire Oroka captured by a number of mercenary companies throughout western Omath, the sage was able to reverse the loss of intelligence and restore a semblance of higher-function, albeit temporarily.   Tuntanog's populations speculate that genetic descendants of the original Heartfire Oroka might never recover fully, but that with continued treatment can abate the most significant symptoms and may one day be able to rejoin the Orokan tribes.


The treatment works by neutralizing the Heartfire Burn in the genetic code of the Heartfire Oroka, using restorative magics similar to the divine magicregeneration or restoration spells. While this does not cause a physical shift in the afflicted subjects, it does enable the regrowth of synapses in the brain, increasing their intelligence and intellectual ability.
Access & Availability
While the treatment is still under development, it is available to any Oroka who visit Ubressa, though most avoid the region due to the Kingdom's low tolerance for monstrous humanoids.
Research into Soul Magic at the University of Ubressa largely stalled as a result of ethical limitations placed on the faculty by the Kingdom of Falcrest. Tuntanog lobbied to join the University, a request granted by the faculty and was allowed access to the research they had already conducted.


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