Rossway Rapacious Beaver Oil

In recent years, a rather excentric goblin calling herself Jozdat Hillpelt came to the remote village of Rossway in the southeastern mountains of Nassur. The goblin managed to befriend the small community and then set up what she called a research station. She wanted to find out why the fish in the major rivers of Nassur were becoming fewer and smaller.   Jozdat spent several years exploring the origins of the two rivers that started in high mountain lakes. She discovered that the fish had specific breeding grounds in the rivers. These once-remote areas had recently begun being settled as the small mining communities in the area grew due to the discovery of major iron and copper deposits on the northern slopes of the mountains. In addition to this, an odd breed of carnivorous beavers had appeared.   Jozdat discovered that the mixing of mining trailings were polluting the rivers making the once pristine breeding grounds less fertile for the fish. In addition, the odd beavers had begun to affect the breeding population of the fish.   Unable to get the mining groups or locals to alter their processes, which were blessed by clerics of many deities. She set to find an alternative means to correct the problems for the defenseless fish. She captured and began experimenting on the unusual beavers which she managed to trace back to a magical mutation caused by the chaotic energies of the Circumveni Desert.   She found that the beavers, which she named Rossway Rapacious Beaver had more than a few beneficial traits. Beaver oil has been harvested since time immemorial for its waterproofing treatment for leathers and other textiles. What was incredible was that the Rossway Rapacious Beaver's oil was also a powerful particle (liquids and solids) repellant, cleanser, and sterilization treatment. The processed oil could be rubbed onto any surface giving it the ability to remain sterile and dry for a period of up to a month depending on the amount of repelling use.   In short, the rare Rossway Rapacious Beaver oil could be applied to shoes to make them waterproof as well as always clean and dry for weeks. Or the oil could be applied to surgical equipment guaranteeing the sterility of the gear for up to five or six operations. This is not good for bandages directly, but if applied to a cloth covering over bandage materials wounds would heal cleanly with zero chance of infections from the environment.   As the Rossway Rapacious Beaver population was very small, she detailed the information to a select group of merchants and manufacturing families. They agreed this was an incredible discovery and immediately set out to hunt down and capture every Rossway Rapacious Beaver in the wild. They've built a special compound where they keep the small population under tight security and control.   While not fully correcting the fish problem Jozdat is now very wealthy from the sale of the distilled Rossway Rapacious Beaver oils along with her cohorts. She has used that money to buy the mining rights to several areas where she is currently working on finding a less environmentally impactful means to mining while keeping a large area of the fish spawning grounds clean for the fish species that use them.   The Rossway Rapacious Beaver oil is now available in limited supply in the Nassurian and Aelargarian markets and is in high demand in further markets.   Rossway Rapacious Beaver Oil can be used on any surface. Once applied the protected surface will remain clean and dry for up to a maximum of a year or considerably less if in a heavy use environment.   If used on surgical equipment such as scalpels, saws, and other tools those tools will be kept sterile and dry even during surgery and will need to be retreated after five surgeries.   The oil is contact-sensitive and will not repel itself until dry. It generally is a semi-clear yellowish liquid.


Only sentient beings interested in physical hygiene would want to use this material. For some, it might be considered critical.


In a semi-remote location of southern Nasur a large valley surrounded by twelve-foot tall fences designed to keep things in and out has been set up. The interior valley has artificial streams and lakes which are not connected to any natural waterways. There is a small compound of buildings with two guarded factory buildings, one private lab building, six guard barracks, and living spaces for officers with families plus a number of storage sheds, and other general-purpose spaces. The entire world's supply of this oil comes from this location. The fence is patrolled, the area is heavily guarded, and the guards are not generally hostile, but they are deadly serious.
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Jozdat Hillpelt
Access & Availability
Very rare and expensive. There is only a 25% chance a large market location will have any available.
Level 2 - General usage is simple and understanding of the effect is easy to comprehend.
The Goblin scientist Jozdat Hillpelt discovered it in 15289 near the village of Rossway in Nasur

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