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Sun Lotion

Don't forget to add Sun Lotion into your bath, you don't want to be Sun Sick when entering Duun'Kalruuth
— An Elfkind elder
  For what could only be described as centuries, Atharians have been battling with Sun Sickness when they stay inside Mountainhomes for too long. However, recently Alchemists are able to mix a body lotion to help leviate many of the symptoms of Sun Sickness.  


Known Ingredients

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Fresh Water
  • Bloombell Extracts
  • Dirt from a mountainhome
Almost all alchemists prefer to keep their recipes a secret, especially the ones which prove to be profitable and/or dangerous in the hands of not very nice people. However, there are thieves in this world and those who have stolen an Alchemist's recipe books has shared many of its contents. However all of the recipes which have been leeked have not worked, the at least the ingredients are known. Though there is a true knack to Alchemy, which only Alchemists seem to know. This could also just be that Alchemists write down the wrong recipe, to trick those who steal their art.  


Who initially invented this lotion is unknown. However, Falduhns claim it was one their finest alchemists, Rostek Kroll who neither denies or confirms these claims. Kalruuthians definitely deny it was them, with common answers such as; "Kalruuthians are too strong to worry about being Sun Sick."
Whether or not it was me who was the first to create this lotion does not matter to me. Perhaps I did, or perhaps I didn't? What difference does it make?
Rostek Kroll


Side Effects

Most side effects are often just rumour or a way to slander an Alchemist's work. Scholars and the more Academic Alchemists are yet to discover the precise side effects.   The most common side effects is people are
There are different ways one can apply this lotion onto themselves. In fact many argue about which is the best way to use this lotion to protect themselves from getting Sun Sick.   Some just put a dollop on their hands and spread them on their arms and other parts of their body which are exposed. However, many claim the best way is to use the lotion like its some kind of soap. So while they are washing their hands, or even themselves entirely, they rub the lotion upon themselves as well. Adding much of this lotion into a bath is also strongly recommended by many.


The typical price of a vial of Sun Lotion can cost around 1GC, which can be more than what most can afford. The price also depends on the Alchemist's offer. However, the wealthy would prefer to purchase bottles of lotion. This is either for resale, or because they use this lotion a lot.   Many chapels and temples across Atharia purchase bottles of this Lotion to offer this to those in need. Taria's Order is renowned for its charity work for the least fortunate of the world, so sharing Sun Lotion to those most prone to Sun Sickness is part of the day-to-day life of many preists, prestesses and even volunteers.

What is Sun Sickness?

Sun Sickness is an illness which many suffer from which is derived from being inside Mountainhomes for a long time. All kinds of people suffer from this in varying degress. It is known that Dwarvenkind suffer from this illness the least. Kalruuthians, however, claim they do not suffer from Sun Sickness. In fact it is rumoured that those who enter Duun'Kalruuth don't get Sun Sick that much,
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