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Written by Mel'Aad
"Wait, you come from the farthest regions of the known Gamma sector?" Mel'Aad looked at the pink skinned creature. It was only slightly smaller than him and positively terrifying with its predatory gaze and sharp teeth.
"Not sure what that whole gamma sector is, but sure?" Mel'Aad couldn't read the expression on the pink face, but his experience with the few other predatory species he had met, made Mel'Aad take a couple of steps back towards the door.
"Oh relax, I'm not going to bite, even a raw chicken looks more tasty." This had Mel'Aad immediately wide-eyed against the door, while his translator module did not understand "chicken", it did understand bite.
"Sorry," the pink creature said with a weird low rolling noise. "Back to your question at hand, why is it so weird where earth is located? Sure the travel had been extremely long, but it wasn't too bad with the new arch drives, still better than airplanes with the limited available space."   Maybe the pink skin didn't want to immediately kill him as he had responded to his own question. Mel'Aad cautiously shifted forward a bit, closer to the pink skin.
"Well, according to my calculations of our current location in Beta sector and the location of your home planted at the end of Gamma sector, I just don't believe it is possible to travel that distance without some form of long-distance stasis pods." Mel'Aad got more and more intrigued by the foreign species, his survival instincts making way for his curiosity.
"You mean something like cryostasis? Yeah we thought about that, like a really long time ago, but that's not really possible with our biology so we just stay awake." Now Mel'Aad just gawked. He had observed that this new species was a bit odd, but this topped all his expectations. "Oh yeah, there were some researchers testing those things, but they figured that humans are just to big to uniformly cool down enough for it to work without the person dying. It worked on hamsters and rats, but those are like this big." The pink skinned "Human" motioned his appendages to a size just a little smaller than a Drinac.
"Yeah the research is kinda cool to look into, they used electromagnetic radiation to get the animals back up, they were all fine afterwards," continued the "Human" followed by more of the low rolling sounds he had made before.

Long distance travel

While many of the well known species have forms of long-distance stasis pods to help with travelling. "Humans" do not own this technology. I have read records that explain the early tests on this subject. At that time "Humans" had barely started exploring space. These tests test the theory of cryostasis, or freezing something to later revive it by reheating.   According to captain Ezra Hayes and the research Universal Data Structure (UDS) from that time, these experiments have not succeeded and till this shipcycle "Humans" do not rely on any form of stasis to deal with long-distance travel.

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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance. For those interested in the story about human experiments with cryostasis see this video of Tom Scott and his interview with James Lovelock:

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