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Written by Mel'Aad
If these "Humans" didn't use any form of expediated long distance travel and survived the flight all the way here to Beta sector, Mel'Aad was getting more and more curious about the planet that they called home.
"So, what kind of planet do you come from? 1-A5? 2-B2?" he asked cautiously, breaking the very uncomfortable silence that had started to form around the "Human". The pink skin hadn't acted agressively yet so Mel'Aad was willing to risk another question based on its willingness to answer his previous questions.
"1-A5? 2-B2? Are those other planets? Neh, I'm from Earth, it's like big and round with lots of oceans and some landmasses in them." The "Human" almost sounded casual? Although it was difficult to gauge the exact meaning of its actions.
"Well, they are part of the classification system we have to determine the livability of different planets. I can ask a couple of questions and give a rough estimate if you like? Then you have a bit of a frame of reference when hearing about other planets." Now Mel'Aad was definitely interested, it was not every day he got to learn so much about a new place directly from someone living there. "Oh sure, that sounds cool! Living on Earth is really easy though, so I hope I don't dissapoint you with the answers. Fire away!"
"Okay, let's start, since you live there we can exclude non-livable planets, meaning its either a category 1 or 2 planet. Is 'Earth' a colonised planet or did 'Humans' always live there?"
"Oh, it's our homeplanet. We did colonize Mars though, but I'm not from there."
"Category 1, that's always nice. So, what kind of gravity do you have? Kal'Iter, where I'm from, has around 5m/s2." Mel'Aad mentally went through the rest of things that are normally asked as he waited for the "Human" to answer. He expected that it might be a difficult question, things like gravity were not often common knowledge for many species. But he was pleasantly surprised when the "Human" could answer without any hesitation.
"Oh, around 9.8m/s2, but it depends a bit where exactly you are." Wait that couldn't be true, that was way too much to survive in! That was only slightly below C-category measurements which were almost unheard off.
"Uhm, what kind of temperatures do you get on earth, is it relatively stable or does it change a lot?" Mel'Aad luckily recovered quickly from the shock, not daring too dwell too long on the answer.
"Well, I believe I heard stories about measurements of like -70 and +50 Celcius, but it depends a lot on where you live. But generally the temperature changes quite a bit from season to season, it's definitely not unheard of for it to change like 30 degrees celcius or more between seasons."
Mel'Aad quickly asked a couple of more questions, but he found it impossible to classify this "Earth" as anything other than a C. His questions about dangers found on the planet itself didn't make it any better and Mel'Aad couldn't do anything else than watch in shock as the "Human" answered more of his questions.
"So, uhm, yeah, uhm?" Mel'Aad couldn't get any more words out of him, 1-C7 planets were so rare and barely survivable! How did this "Human" be so light about all the questions he asked.
"What is it? Oh come on, tell me now. I know it's bad, surviving on Earth is like really easy, other planets are probably way more deadly." The "Human" didn't know?! How could this species be so easy about there planet, that was impossible. Difficult planetary conditions aside, they had dangerous weather phenomenons, natural disasters like earthquakes, both flora and fauna that wanted to kill about everything, all kinds of diseases and even interspecies war!
"Uhm, so, I think it would be about a 1-C7 planet. Which is like around the deadliest planets imaginable."
Alternative Name(s)


γ-F5-23 is also known as Earth, is one of the known planets in the Milky Way galaxy located in the Gamma sector. From a brief discussion with a "Human" I have unofficially classified it as a 1-C7 planet. Most of the planetary characteristics fall within the C-category, such as athmospheric pressure, magnetic field, gravity and change in temperature. Only the mean temperature of the planet would fall within B-category.   When looking at the threats found on the planet itself, it becomes clear that "Humans" had to survive a lot to become the dominant species. Some notable parts are the amount of different diseases they have to fight on a daily basis, the severe weather such as thunder storms and hail and the natural disasters that happen all over the planet. The most remarkable might well be the interspecies conflics that have happened all throughout history.

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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading my article and I hope you enjoyed it! Likes and comments are always greatly appreciated and feedback is more than welcome :) Please do not share my work outside of the WA site or the WA discord without consent and please tag or notify me if you dropped a link on before mentioned platforms, thanks in advance.

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