Tonic of Soothing

A cure-all designed to ease the mind, the Fungi Coven's Tonic of Soothing works for cases of Manicsight, upset stomachs, dizzy spells, headaches, and nausea. The Fungi Coven's patented tonic was invented using tree sap found in the Sullen Swamp, the roots of Manic Candy Cap Mushrooms,* and a few enchantments in addition to their potion base which remains secret knowledge.   The Tonic of Soothing is one of the Fungi Coven's primary exports.

Testing & Invention

According to the coven, they test all of their new elixirs, tonics, and tinctures on two special plants before testing on themselves. They refuse to share the name of either species but for clarity's sake, we'll call them Blue Glow Plant and Yellow Plant.   First, they test on the Blue Glow Plant. If it wilts, they know its unsafe. If it turns brown, they proceed with caution. If it turns a light blue and starts glowing, it's safe and they test it during the next gathering. If nothing happens, they switch to the Yellow Plant.   Again, if it wilts, it's unsafe. If it turns brown, they proceed with caution. If it turns yellow, it's safe to consume. If, however, the plant becomes speckled at this stage, they stay clear of the area for a week and all of those working on the potion are watched carefully for adverse side effects.  

Tonic Trivia

Manicsight - the visual side effect of consuming a Manic Candy Cap Mushroom - in many communities is a desired effect, in others it can put people in dangerous situations, like with the Red Swarm in the Corpse Woods.   The Fungi Coven both gather Manic Candy Caps mushrooms and brew the Tonic of Soothing for export. That said, they do not sell to the communities where manicsight is a known problem.
Still Weaving by Self

Future Edits

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* The colloquial name "manic candy cap mushroom" is a misnomer. This species of fungi are not related genetically Candy Cap mushrooms but the appearance is uncanny. Even arcaneseers, who can read the magical makeup of people, places, and inanimate objects, cannot determine a difference between the Manic Candy Cap and Candy Cap mushrooms.

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