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Arthritis Gauntlets

A  gauntlets made of some metal allow based on mithril.   This not only protect from arthritis but in some cases even improves the mobility, rumors say the gauntlets are made with some kind of magic, but all know that the non divine magic is "lost" and the divine magic is not for the common folks. The truth is that within the alloy is a rare metal call magnetite that some how helps to prevent and even cure arthritis, with small magnetic field it creates.   A lot of dwarven miners and smiths leave his trade because the arthritis in their hands, then this creation is gaining a very good reputation among them.   Now the pair of inventors are trying to create a full body suit with the support of a human miners guild, they gave them a lot of gems and precious metals to pursue this endeavor.   This "simple" item is becoming a booming enterprise.


To protect smiths and miners from arthritis.    A human guild of miner make a generous investment to help in the creation of a full body suit.  This is a work in progress. The guild stays in anonymity.


The process requires knowledge in melting. To create the alloy not only heat is used but chemistry energy too. During the heat process at the moment of combination of the two base metals: mithril and calderin, a powder is added, with the magnetite to produce a controlled burst that merge the three materials.   To create the body suit the pair of inventors are talking to generate a more powerful explosion or use some kind of high pressure machine.
The first to create some versions of the gauntlets was Thodin Dalir II , was up to 120 years later his first prototype that he knew Inmevla Desiree van Solen and then both create the ally that now is used to make the Arthritis Gauntlets
Access & Availability
Only in the city of Arendort can be created, the exact formula to make them is still a seacret.   Dwarven and gnome community has access to this and humans are investing to have it.
The alloy to create the gauntlets is, at least at the moment, a well keep secret.   The mithril can be identified by any good smith or someone versed in weapons or armor, but the other to components: the calderin, a red metallic rock that resist heat and cold; is hard know; even harder the magnetite that only real scholars known. The process to create the alloy is obscure for others than the two creators.
The father of a young dwarven smith have that fate, this trigger the son, Thodin Dalir II, to dedicate grand part of his life to find a solution. He learn, through consulting dwarves versed in medicine, that most of the affliction is cause the ever changing temperature the body experiments, the hands of a smith in particular, and then the joints stiffen. Whit this knowledge he invented a gauntlets that bring support and protect against the temperature changes; at first he made them of mithril a common metal used to forge weapons and armors of great quality, because he were used to work with it; with some modifications to be thinner and lighter than for an armor set; but even in this way the smiths don't use them, they feel inadequate. He try different alloys, even as a smith he do not know for sure all the properties of the metals, then he meets the gnome mineralogist, Inmevla Desiree van Solen, InDe for short; both create a pair of gauntlets with an alloy 70% mithril for durability, 25% Calderin to protect againts temperature and 5% of magnetite.


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