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Red Shield

A mysterious remedy produced by the young prodigy Franc Ecart to stop the spread of the Red Death in the Forternian coastlines along the Green Sea. It requires injection in the subject's bloodstream on two or more seperate days to grant them full immunity to the terrible disease, but beyond that not much is known of its exact workings.

The Red Shield holds many similarities with another remedy produced by the young lord in recent years, namely the Yellow Shield. Franc and his noble allies have made great efforts to keep the recipes secret. Many scholars and physicians are intensely curious about their creation, some pestering the young lord for even the slightest of hint, others eagerly awaiting for opportunities to study the contents of the cures whenever a sample rears its head. So far they have been unsuccessful in acquiring either.
Franc Ecart, third son of Count Patient Ecart.
Access & Availability
Despite its production not necessitating much resources, the Red Shield is a rare panacea with only a few units appearing each month. Far from enough to treat a substantial population. Only the rich or influencial lords are given access to it after hard bargaining. There is yet hope that when the recipe is finally revealed mass production of the remedy will become available to every strata throughout the Eastern Realms.
A relatively recent discovery, its creation closely ressembles the first ground-breaking cure for the Yellow Blood Plague which saved the Rossan-Valid Dukedom a few years back. Once more the erudite son of the Count of Ecart was at the center of the process, acquiring samples of the disease and creating remedies from ingredients that are disturbingly hard to identify.

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