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Red Death

"I call it the Red Death. It manifest like intense Hematidrosis but is actually bacterial in origin. Oh... I suppose you are not familiar with the terms... Let us just say its effect are predictably... colorful."
Franc Ecart showing his research to a new benefactor
  The Red Death is a rare transmitable disease found in the westernmost parts of the Eastern Realm, near salt-water sources like the shore or lagoons. It is difficult for it to spread outside the region but it kills its victims quite easily. It was called as such for its effect that makes the infected sweat blood in great amount on parts of their skin. The victims suffer from dehydration, internal bleeding, organ failures and eventually death if untreated.

Transmission & Vectors

The agent of transmission travels through blood.


A groups of small pimples on patches of skin or larger stretch. Patient dehydrated and stressed. Bloody sweat oozing from the pimple as if a nail had pierced the skin repeatedly.


Placing the patient in a cold environment, and treat him for bacterial infection if the medicine is advanced enough.


"I had just dealt with the Yellow Plague when this cute little thing appeared to the west. How inconvenient, or perhaps I should say how obvious." Franc Ecart, about his fight against Orbidian diseases.

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