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Tapputu Salve (Tap- poo-too)

Witch doctors of Salasa have developed a healing salve that can heal most major wounds in a matter of days if applied quickly enough and you have the coin. The salve is made from local Aloe, Agave, and Haworthia plants mixed with minerals from the northern sands of Salasa and bound together with ether beeswax or rendered down animal fat then the salve is imbued with magic to boost the natural healing benefits of the local plants.
Name Cost Effect
Standard Healing Salve 500 Immediately stops any kind of excessive blood loss effects by sealing wounds. Also great for moisturizing dry skin or relieving sunburns.
Greater Healing Salve 1000 Immediately stops any kind of excessive blood loss effects by sealing wounds and cures wounds that are currently infected or festering
Superior Healing Slave 2500 completely heals a wound removing any lingering effects


Rubbed into open wound, if wound has formed a scab, the scab must be removed before application.


Each producer of healing salves has their own proprietary recipe of planets and minerals used in their preferred binding agent. the process is normally mashing plant ingredients into a paste with a mortar and pestle and then taking the paste and mixing it with chosen sourced minerals. Which is finally mixed with a binding agent and then imbued with magic over the course of one day to a week.
Sermally Gromta
Access & Availability
Standard Healing Salves are usually readily available at most apothecaries or pharmacies. Greater Healing Salves are less common and normally sold at premium medical supply companies. Superiors salves are extremely rare to come by normally distribution of these products is restricted to a single dealer and is sold at a steep premium.
While not necessarily difficult to make at its base level the time necessary to imbue the salve with magic is costly.


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