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Healing Pod

Invented only a few years ago, healing pods are mystical healing equipment, used only in special cases and as a last resort when other healing techniques fail.


A healing pod is a large glass, metal-rimmed box, large enough to fit a person. It is filled with a thick orange liquid, known as mending flux. Tubes connect the pod to two large metal vats. The mending flux is pumped from the vat containing clean flux, to the vat continuing waste flux. Mending flux is prepared and activated by a skilled healer mage, or a potion-brewer or herbalist with sufficient knowledge on healing and mysticism.


The wounds of the patient are treated with herbs and poultices depending on the type of injury, and the body is subsequently wrapped in fine clean linen. The patient is put to sleep via medicinal or mystical means and placed inside the pod. The lid is closed and the pod filled with clean mending flux. The mending flux will enter the patient's lungs, but this causes no issues since the liquid is breathable. The mending flux will keep the patient in a stasis and stimulate the body to heal itself.
A healer proficient in the mystical arts must check upon the patient several times a day to make sure all is going well, and perform additional healing if deemed necessary.
When the patient has healed sufficiently, or after a maximum of a month, the healer decides, in accordance with the patient's family, to remove the patient from the pod. If the healing in the pod was successful, the patient is moved to a regular bed and cared for as normally would be. If the healing was regretfully unsuccessful, the patient is softly put to sleep so they can be carried of by an angsi to the Life after Life.


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