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The mental health treatments of Xyvener


After a local uprising in the Aesean Empire a tavern maid noted that many of the people who had fought in the battles came to her tavern not only to drink but rather to talk about their traumatic experiences with her. Realizing that she could make money of it, she started offering paid “conversation hours“ where she would just ask a few questions and offer a little advice - but mostly just sat there and listened. She soon realized that it seemed to actually help the people and it made her feel less guilty about the concept. It also earned her more than the tavern job, so she decided to try making it her full-time profession.

Expanding on this idea as an advisor for the common, she worked together with her clients to create tactics to stop excessive drinking and strategies for helping people going through panic attacks. When the current emperor heared of a girl that could cure war-poisoned minds without magic, they invited her to the capital to work with the army. Spending her life helping people and note-taking on conditions, she wrote a book on her theories. The emperor funded for her research gladly, so she passed her knowledge onto a group of students around 1050CY and called them the listeners.  

Access & Availability

Listening is fairly common job in the Aesean Empire, so that members of the upper middleclass could possibly afford it. Though it is also offered by many laymen the most educated listeners known are usually with the The Calassarae or at the emperors court.  


Originally, listening was mainly used to treat nightmares, panic attacks, addictions and depression related to battle trauma. But since then it has evolved into a more structured approach considering many possible origins for a variety of different mental conditions too. It has also started to branch out into a (mostly philosophical) study of the humanoid mind.


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30 Jul, 2021 15:28

I absolutely love this concept. I hope you will expand on it. My friend and I just had a long profound (of course!) conversation about listening. With all the chaos about us and what sometimes seems like a developing dystopia, I honestly believe that the best thing that could help the world is if people remembered how to listen. I love the internet and the avenues it has opened up to us all but I also recognize that the false sense of anonymity has made many people forget how to listen. Instead, that sense of anonymity has provided the proverbial rabbit hole for people to not just tell, but shout their every opinion with complete candor (sometimes bewildering, often belittling, and most of all thoughtless because they have forgotten all about listening. Thank you for this great work!

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Master yuriel
Tara (or Yuriel on the internet :D)
3 Aug, 2021 10:45

Hi Kato, thank you so much for the feedback! It's true, this is such an imortant skill to have. I'm glad to see that there are other people out there who also appreciate it as much as I do. The reason why it appeared is that the *new* medical cure prompt made little sense in my world, where most physical ails can be solved through magic, but now I'm very happy with the result. Mental health and communication are so important, but overlooked far to often in our world for my liking - I wanted to recognize this in my worldbuilding. Thanks again for the insightful comment, made my day!