Pan-pan Blood

Thanks to some strained collaborations between the Whalef family (in Endref) and The Forgotten Phrontistery (in Daendar), it has recently been discovered that pan-pan blood can be used by those suffering from dehydration to not only completely re-hydrate themselves in a short period of time, but also reinvigorate the self.   This collaboration began after the Whalef family introduced the pan-pan as a regular trading staple with some merchants in Daendar, in an attempt to rid themselves of excess stock (pan-pan are widely considered edible but not particularly flavourful throughout Endref). Through hiring chefs to prepare the pan-pan for a group of merchants in Daendar, the Whalef family were able to convince the merchants to purchase a large stock. One alchemist at phrontistery purchased a pan-pan for his lunch one day, and having an aversion to consuming blood in any form, the alchemist drained the blood from the otherwise "juicy" fish. Pan-pan blood is a light blue colour, and the alchemists partner mistook the glass bottle of blood for a drink they had brewed earlier. Upon drinking the blood, the person felt extremely energised and felt no thirst. They relayed this to their partner, and eventually they realised it was pan-pan blood. Shortly thereafter, the school purchased a large quantity of pan-pans, tested the blood thoroughly, and found this outcome. The Whalef family, noticing the large and frequent purchases from the school, inquired about their work and eventually came to an agreement to share in the profits of this knowledge.   Pan-pan blood is now processed and sold in magic healing shops in Endref, as well as provided (in small quantities) to Whalef miners, though the Whalef family have plans to increase its distribution. While neither the Whalef family nor the phrontistery have any solid claim over the medicine, such as it is, the Whalef's control of the pan-pan fishing trade in Endref has effectively created a monopoly in their favour.


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