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Physi (Fizzy)

Magical Assistive Technology

A small child stares at the colorful balls of fur rolling around in the various boxes, perusing as one may in a shop full of pets. His reason for being here is much more complicated than a child wanting a pet, he is hoping that one of these small creatures will be able to aid him and fill the world with the words that he is missing. A bright blue furball rolls towards him, shifting into the shapes of letters as his mother speaks to the shopkeeper. For once, the boy understands what is being spoken about without watching his mother's hands or reading her lips.   A Dwarf in a minecart is nudged awake by a plum-colored ball resting on his shoulder. Without his little friend, he would not have his job in the mines, his condition keeping him from completing the traditional work of the Dwarves. He pets the creature, allowing its company to warn him of the oncoming sleep and to wake him once it sets in. The creature's soft touch has made his narcolepsy less prominent, something he is forever grateful for.   As thunder rings out, the Elf huddles deeper in her hut, the sounds too reminiscent of the days of the Eldritch War. From under her bed comes a purple ball, bouncing as it makes its way to her. As she lies down against the cool wall, the ball lands on her chest, spreading out as a comforting weight against her anxiety and fears. Within moments, the Elf is asleep, the furball calming her for the moment.   Physi are a magical assistive technology that was created by the Unending Scroll. While an unintended discovery, these small furry creatures provide assistance to individuals with a variety of disabilities that magic is unable to assist with. From assisting those with anemia, epilepsy, diabetes, and narcolepsy to giving those with visual impairments and hearing loss the ability to experience the world to its fullest, the Physi are a necessary technology.   Currently, the researchers at the Unending Scroll are working to extend the uses of the Physi even further, to include ones that assist those with mobility issues.  


The Physi are a creation of the Unending Scroll, although an unintended one. Since the earliest days of the academy, students have researched a variety of things in order to better the lives of those that live in the Elven Kingdom. Originally, a group of students set out to create an artificial creature that would produce a fine silk, but their earliest attempts created less than satisfactory results.   After hundreds of attempts, a small furry creature was created, but it did not have the intended abilities that the students had hoped. The creature, soon to be name Physi (or Fizzy), had very interesting properties. The first Physi was a muted gold color and would become known as Cerebellum. These creatures had various effects based on their coloration and through continued research, it was determined that the Physi could aid with various disabilities that could not easily be aided through magic.  


The manufacturing of the Physi is a process that has taken years to perfect so that the creatures can be mass-produced at a level to fill the need for them. The earliest attempts to recreate the Cerebellum involved following the same process that created the first, but this was met with varied success. Trials to recreate the Cerebellum often created new things that the researchers weren't expecting, eventually creating the fine silk that the team had first set out to create.   After months of trials, the research team was able to reliably create one or two of the creatures at a time, which was when the various colors began appearing. As the trials continued to determine ways for mass production, another team began research into what the creatures actually did. This research gave insight into how to properly mass-produce the Physi.   Physi can only be created at the Unending Scroll due to the specific conditions that are required for the creatures to be created. The process itself is kept secret as it has been determined to be highly dangerous if not kept in a specific controlled environment.

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Access & Availability
While a creation of the Unending Scroll and the Elven Kingdom, these furry creatures have become widely available throughout the Northern Continent from a variety of places. Most commonly, these creatures can be given to individuals by healers, priests, or Clerics if it is determined that the individual has a need that can be met by one of the Physi. In larger cities, it is also possible to purchase these creatures from select merchants.   In most cases, receiving one of these creatures does not cost anything, but in the rare cases that an individual would have to purchase one, the cost is kept extremely low. The powers of Vóreios have determined that the effects of the various Physi are a necessity for many. Healers, priests, and Clerics often have a stock of the various creatures they can give out for free, while merchants can charge no more than a single Vóreios Gold for one.

Types of Physi


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Physi with a silver color are known for their ability to detect the causes of anemia in an individual and deliver the necessary vitamins and minerals in the correct doses in order for the individual to not feel the normal effects of the condition.
Ionian deliver these various vitamins and minerals through their saliva, often choosing to lick their person's face or hands to deliver these concentrated doses. These creatures' favorite place to sit is often on their person's shoulder so they are close when needed.
The silver Physi are one of the newest discoveries, but their abilities are known to help with all forms of anemia. Currently, research is being conducted to determine whether the Ionian can be modified to aid with other deficiencies.
Physi with a muted gold color are known for their ability to predict various types of seizures and mitigate many of the effects of these events. These Physi grow warm to the touch to alert the individual to seizure activity and can slow or end symptoms.
Cerebellum become warm or hot to the touch when the creature detects seizure activity. While it is unknown why the heat of the creature can mitigate seizures, Physi of this color have a long history of aiding with a variety of symptoms related to seizures.
The gold Physi were the first of its kind discovered, created as a mistake by the Unending Scroll. Due to this, the Cerebellum has the most known about it, its abilities, and how the creature affects those it helps.


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Physi with a green color are known for their ability to help with conditions that come from low or high blood sugar. These Physi change color to show changes in levels. Lime green denotes low blood sugar, green denotes safe levels, and bluish-green denotes high blood sugar.
Cane vary in shade to show blood sugar levels and deliver insulin to individuals when needed through fur-to-skin contact. When needed, the Physi's fur becomes covered in a somewhat slimy and sticky substance that when touched to an individual, can deliver a jolt of insulin.
The green Physi were the first to be specifically engineered and not just randomly created. One of the research team suffers from this condition and wished to create a Physi that could assist her during her daily life. After nearly a year, the Cane were created with its intended purpose.
Physi with a purple color are known for their abilities to assist with anxiety and trauma in a variety of ways. Each Physi and the ways it assists its person are very unique and no two Physi will behave in exactly the same way.
Seratone are unique in that they are one of the few Physi to change their physical shape in their assistance. These Physi may flatten out and become heavy, serving as a weighted object. or they may change their texture, becoming similar to a worry stone. The changes are specific to the individual and the Physi.
The purple Physi were an interesting creation as they were very shy when first created. They came with the blue and pink Physi, but they often would hide behind or underneath others. When their purposes were determined, it seemed as though the shyness left.


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Physi with an orange color are the most complex of the Physi. These Physi are known for their abilities to pair up and assist individuals with mobility issues, whether it be walking, picking things up, or other issues that are not complete paralysis.
Motive are extremely unique as they are the only Physi that work in pairs. Due to the nature of mobility issues, these Physi come in pairs and can form exoskeletons or braces to help their people. With these braces, people can get back the use of their extremities and can possibly walk again.
The orange Physi were as much unintended as the gold ones were. A failed attempt to recreate the Cerebellum created a pair of orange, one lighter and one darker, Physi that had shape-changing properties. Their abilities were noted when they cast one of the researcher's broken wrists.
Physi with a plum color are known for their abilities to assist with narcolepsy and the safety of their person when instances occur. This could be waking up their person or keeping them safe when they fall asleep.
Slumber may nudge their person awake when they fall asleep if it's a dangerous situation or they may provide safety if the instance is not dire. The Physi may also assist with other side effects, but it is dependent on the individual.
The plum Physi was sleeping when it was first created, giving some hints as to what its abilities were. Further tests were needed to understand that the Physi aided with narcolepsy and not something like insomnia. The researchers were joking when they named it Slumber, but the name has stuck.


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Physi with a blue color are known for their abilities to assist with a variety of hearing impairments, but their main ability is to translate the spoken word into sign language or the written word depending on their individual. In other cases, the Physi may amplify sounds to be heard by those hard of hearing.
Auricle have a variety of abilities, but which are used is dependent upon their person's preferences. These Physi can translate the spoken word to be understood by those hard of hearing, but they may also turn into a device that allows individuals to hear by vibrating against certain bones in their ear.
The blue Physi came about the same type as the brown Physi, often making researchers refer to the two as a pair. Both Physi are extremely popular with the elderly community, especially in the Human Empire.
Physi with a brown color are known for their abilities to assist with a variety of visual impairments, including ones that cannot be corrected with standard glasses. These Physi may transform into specialized glasses to help their person with their vision.
Iris have a variety of abilities to assist with visual impairments including light sensitivity, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and other visual impairments that cannot be fixed simply with standard glasses. These Physi will turn into glasses or other lenses that fit the need of their person.
The brown Physi are often considered a pair with the blue Physi, becoming popular with elderly folks. This Physi is actually more popular with those that work on the high seas or in the mines due to its assistance with light sensitivity and other impairments that may be considered learning disabilities.


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Physi with a pink color are known for their ability to detect and assist with allergies of various types. These Physi come in various shades of pink to denote the severity of certain allergies. The color of Physi is very dependent upon the person receiving it.
Carnation specialize in the detection of allergy triggers as well as the administering of chemicals that can stop or slow severe allergic reactions. Much like the Ionian, the Carnation deliever these doses through their saliva.
The pink Physi are very unique as their ability to detect specific things ranges far beyond the other Physi. It is unknown how many different allergies these Physi can detect, but the number is very high and continuously growing as the Physi are produced.

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