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The pocket of an Elf becomes warm to the touch as her body begins to slow, struggling to respond to her commands. While she can still think and before the confusion sets in too deep, she reaches into her pocket, retrieving the object, and placing it to the left side of her chest, feeling the heat of the object sink into her skin. She can feel the jerking of her muscles that had started as she had reached into her pocket slowly begin to subside, the fog in her head clearing as the warmth fades, the object once again soft and furry to the touch. The small furry ball had once again calmed a seizure, something that could have been deadly since she was alone.   The small ball of fur that resides in the pocket of the Elf is just one instance of a device that has saved many lives since its invention. There are some things that even magic cannot dispel, but in many cases, magic can help ease the effects. Seizures are no different with their somewhat unpredictable nature. Some are dangerous, causing loss of function, while others only cause a loss of focus and confusion. The magic of Isekai does not stop these from occurring, but through tireless research, the deep magic of the world helps to curb the effects and bring safety to those that need it most.   Cerebellum was an interesting discovery, one that was mostly unintentional but its effects were far-reaching. A development of the Unending Scroll in their search for artificial creations to make specific cloth, the Cerebellum, along with its siblings, would become one of the most important disability technologies that exists on the Northern Continent. These small furry creatures have a variety of uses, but the ones with a muted gold color tend to have amazing effects in those with epilepsy.


Physi with a muted gold color are known for their ability to predict various types of seizures and to mitigate many of the effects of these events. Cerebellum will grow warm to the touch, warmer than if they were just kept in a pocket or close to the body, to alert the user to an oncoming seizure. The creature can then be held to the left side of the chest where their heat will penetrate and slow or end symptoms of a seizure entirely based upon how extreme symptoms may be.   It is unknown why the heat of the creature works the way it does, but the Cerebellum has a long history of either lowering or removing the need for recovery time after a seizure, mitigating extreme symptoms to mild or nonexistent, and otherwise slowing or removing many of the difficult side effects of a seizure.


While it took some time after the creation of the Physi to be able to reliably recreate the creatures, the Cerebellum, in particular, can now be massed produced. It is nearly impossible to create them outside of the conditions of the Unending Scroll, so an entire team is dedicated to the creation of these creatures so that they can be shared across the continent.
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Access & Availability
While the Cerebellum was created in the Elven Kingdom, these creatures have become widely available throughout the Northern Continent through a variety of outlets. Most commonly, these creatures can be given to individuals by healers or Clerics if it is determined that there is a need. It is also possible to purchase these creatures from some merchants, but often only in larger cities.   The cost of these creatures is kept low as the powers of Vóreios have determined the effects of the Cerebellum to be a necessity for many. Healers and Clerics will often give these out for free, while merchants can charge no more than a single Vóreios Gold for one.
The Cerebellum is a creation of the Unending Scroll, although an unintended one. Throughout the existence of the academy, various things have been researched and created by the students there in order to better the lives of those that live in the Elven Kingdom. Originally, a group of students set out to create an artificial creature that would produce a fine silk, but their first few attempts created less than satisfactory results.   After many attempts, a small furry creature was created, but it did not have the intended outcome that the students required. This creature, soon to be named Physi (or Fizzy), had very interesting properties. The various colors of the creatures denoted different effects and through some continued research, it was determined that these creatures could be used to aid with various disabilities that could not be easily aided through magic.

Cover image: Technologies Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
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I love this, Rynn. I like the twist on real life service animals and how these creatures are a step up from that. Really nice article.

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This is so well thought out and beautiful it honestly made me tear up. Well done.

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