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Answers to this prompt

Soul Chip

by Brinsmead


by RiverFang

Phantomforce prosthetics

by Eallixy

Prosthetic Limbs and the Comba...

by Lyraine Alei


by tjtrewin


by David_Ulph


by SoulLink

Tactile Signs

by KajetanWrites

Translator Gloves

by DapperCapricorn

Adventurer Combat Wheelchair

by KaijuKojin

Iron Limbs

by Adcheryl

Šiḫṭu gabbû - rag sewing

by Angantyr


by TheSolitaryGamer


by hughpierre

Ear Horn

by Rashkavar

Personal Transfusion Device

by eccbooks


by Frogdrake

Warming and Cooling stones

by Mho-games

Xenograft, Necromantic

by Anarch_Bushey

Assistance Lyraiks

by Naelin

Electromechanical Replacement...

by nearlyoctagonal

Mechanical Limbs

by Regulus_Vaikyn

The deaf community and the ava...

by Tuisku

Elixir of Regrowth

by RPGDinosaurBob

Geomantic Prosthetics

by HighQueenSelundar

Prosthetic Pen

by Monkos


by HermesBezos

Seeing Eye Slave Collars

by xtremepsy

Telepathy ants

by Lady Grayish

Agatha's Untreated and Totally...

by butterr44

Aids to Those with War Injurie...

by LauraVAB

al rem /aːl rem/ or sense magi...

by Lillithwolf


by Hosios-DynTheCreator

Crystal Limb

by liteninglazer


by ynix

Emmes Kritallen kijker

by Jacob-W

Eye Glasses

by SilikG


by Racussa

Genetic Repair

by Person0000000000

Helping the Merfolk become a p...

by Forjgenon

Hetero Somatic Transmutation

by Corvo Branco

Hydraulic Prosthetic limbs

by Dutchess

Krylan Lens

by frotierkilla

Medical Nanotech

by Anpumes

Nuro electric stabilizers

by Valcin

Orc Battle Prosthetics

by NorthWhiteWolf

Rod of Tremorsense

by 13-jays-in-the-woods

The Modern Eyeglass

by Moondare


by BasicDragon

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