Prosthetics vary in shape, size, colour and function depending on the need of the Folks who require them.  


Depending on the purpose of the prosthetic, different materials will be better suited for its use. Wooden prosthetics are cheap, sturdy, and easy to repair (and customise), however they need protection from exposure to water and are more prone to being damaged with scratches due to the soft material.   Metal prosthetics are much sturdier but have the downsides of being very cold and often heavy depending on the metal used. It also needs a lot more maintainance especially after contact with water to prevent it from going rusty.   Mirewood is a popular but expensive choice as the Maisha in its grains can imbue the prosthetic with further Magic abilities where a standard prosthetic could not.


Many Folks prefer to have their prosthetic match the appearance of their bodies (which can make wood a popular skin-tone choice for Humans and Fauns). Other folks prefer more unique apperances and choose to have vibrant colours, patterns, or even bioluminescent Glow-Jelly.  
Technology / Science | Nov 5, 2019

Bioluminescent jellyfish extract from the shores of Orubia.



Mechanical functions and ergonomics are important for prosthetics to serve their purpose, but due to the complexity of their construction many items only have one function available in order to keep them affordable and easy to maintain.


Additions and upgrades are often performed by an Alterationist who specialises in prosthetics.
Profession | Dec 22, 2020

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27 Dec, 2020 21:06

I love the idea of having a bioluminescent prosthetic! :D   I really like the discussion of different materials that can be used and the pros and cons of each one.

30 Dec, 2020 03:09

Glow jelly seems very popular; I'm not sure if there's an article I've read of yours recently that doesn't mention it in some form or another. I really love the image I got in my head of a lizardfolk (I forget what your world calls them) with a prosthetic arm that has glowing designs all along it's length.

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